Crazy Apex Legends bug allows you to choose a new character mid-match

Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends

Despite being locked into a role before loading into any given lobby, a bizarre Apex Legends glitch is giving players the ability to swap characters once they’ve dropped into World’s Edge.

With 11 characters currently playable in Apex Legends, there’s always plenty of unique abilities to take with you in the next match. Choosing between the likes of Pathfinder’s powerful mobility or Wraith’s get-out-of-jail-free Dimensional Rift can often be a tricky decision however.

Thankfully, players might not have to deliberate much longer as a ridiculous new glitch allows you to swap your chosen character in the middle of a match and spawn in as any Legend in the heat of the moment.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsA look at the original character select screen before Wattson, Octane, and Crypto were introduced.

While players have unintentionally respawned as the wrong Legends in the past, this new glitch allows you to pick and choose from the full lineup of characters and change your appearance to match.

With 11 squads remaining in a January 12 match, ‘MegaMango2004’ was able to enter the character select screen while still in-game. From here, they were then able to select a new Legend and completely alter their appearance in the game.

Previews failed to load for each character when hovering over their respective icons in-game, indicating the bug absolutely wasn’t an intended aspect of the match. Despite this, the player was able to crack their knuckles as Mirage and don the gloves of Octane all in a matter of seconds.

Maintaining their loadout regardless of which Legend they swapped to, the player outlined how the bug was essentially random. With no clearcut means in which to replicate the character-changing effect in-game, it seems as though the glitch was a freak occurrence.

“I didn’t mean to do it but I was in the firing range and was invited by my friends to play and this happened,” the player explained.

There’s no telling how MegaMango2004 even figured out they were able to change characters in the first place. However, there’s no denying being able to use different abilities to the Legend you’re playing as would throw any opposing squad for a loop.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends
Before the random glitch took over, the player was cruising through an ordinary match as Bloodhound.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to respond to the bizarre glitch, however, if players continue to exploit the feature with greater prevalence, they’ll have no choice but to implement a bug fix in the immediate future.

With the fourth season of Apex right around the corner, perhaps a new character is on the way that could give players another option to pick from with this quirky, but probably game-breaking gameplay bug.

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