Clever Apex Legends trick lets Valkyrie fly further and for longer

Connor Bennett
Valkyrie hovering in Apex Legends

Valkyrie may have only been live in Apex Legends for a few days but some players have already found a few tricks that could help her get a leg up, especially when soaring through the skies. 

Apex Legends players have already been sinking their teeth into Valkyrie as the new legend joined the battle royale with the start of Season 9: Legacy.

As with the arrival of any new legend, you’ll see them in-game quite regularly after the new season starts, but it’ll take some time to see where she takes out and lands on the tier lists for both battle royale and Arenas.

Even though it’s only been a few days since she soared into the game, players have quickly found clever uses for the new character, including being able to fly with her jetpacks for longer than normal.

Valkyrie new legend Apex
Valkyrie’s kit can be used both aggressively and defensively.

How to fly for longer as Valkyrie

The helpful tips come from Reddit user Swogglenoz, who pointed out that there are a few different ways to use her jetpacks. You have the complete burnout tactic where you use the ability in one go, the short sharp bursts, as well as a few other ideas as well.

However, if you hold Valkyrie’s tactical down as you’re flying, you’ll actually be able to fly further than normal, and for longer too.  The one downside is the fact that you are pretty slow through the skies and could be picked off by enemies, but it could be useful in late-game scenarios where you want to be sneaky.

Plus, when you want to land, the Redditor suggests using the melee attack to cancel out actually deploying the rocket burst tactical. That way, you just land safely after a long flight.

Some players suggest that the tactic might actually be an exploit, but that isn’t the case. Respawn devs said it’s intentional, but given how slow Valkyrie flies while doing so, it might be a bit useless to some players.

That’s not the case for everyone, and you might be able to sneak up on some players while using it, so make sure to give it a whirl at least once.

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