Apex Legends loot fix is coming in next Season 9 update

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 9 next patch promises to implement fixes for a whole host of issues, including problems with loot spawns.

Apex Legends highly anticipated ninth season, Legacy, didn’t quite off to the running start that a lot of fans were hoping for due to server issues.

A host of connection problems meant that, unfortunately, fans weren’t able to get their hands on new Legend Valkyrie as soon as they thought they would.

Even with the servers all fixed, one issue that remains is the loot pool. Thankfully, the devs are on the case.

Valkyrie close up apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Fans were so excited to get their hands on Valk that it caused Respawn some server issues.

Apex players discover loot problems

Popular streamer Daltoosh took to Twitter on May 6 to discuss his thoughts on the new Season, pointing out a significant decrease in the number of backpacks and rare armors.

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Writing that “backpacks seem rare, blue and [purple] armor feel less common than before and there seems to be a metric f**kload of shield cells everywhere,” a brief glance at the comments showed that the issue was a systemic one.

Apex Producer promises that fix is coming

In response to Daltoosh’s original comment, Apex Legends’ Producer, Josh Medina, jumped in to let fans know that the devs were aware of this issue.

He’s now on confirmed that a fix is in the works and that it will be implemented in the patch that drops on the week beginning May 17.

Writing that “along with next weeks patch we should resolve the issue around Loot items in [Battle Royale] especially backpacks,” he promises that players are in for “lots of hot fixes.”

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These will also rectify the unintentional Wattson nerf that’s rendered her Tactical fences absolutely useless.

So good news for both Wattson mains and the larger playerbase alike! We’ll finally be able to snag a backpack five minutes into our games instead of twenty.