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Clever Apex Legends looting change would make checking death boxes so much easier

Published: 27/Mar/2021 15:49

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has got a clever idea to rework the looting menu for death boxes to make it less of a hassle than it currently is. 

Just like any other battle royale, getting your hands on the best loot possible is key in Apex Legends. You want enough health items to keep yourself going to the end, as well as a powerful weapon, and a few grenades.

You can simply pick these up off the ground, grab them out of loot bins and supply drops, or takedown enemies and loot their death boxes.

However, as anyone who has played Apex knows, the death boxes can be a little finicky. They can slow you down, make you a sitting duck, and lead to the end of your game.


Respawn Entertainment
Looting can be a dangerous thing to do in Apex Legends.

A new looting system?

Yet, Apex Legends fan GraciasCabron has got an idea to solve those problems, and it comes in the form a pretty simple rework of the current loot menu.

Instead of having to deal with a massive list of items, jumping from category to category, GraciasCabron’s idea simplifies that by adding small images for each item so that the full list fits pretty snuggly on screen.

This would mean that you wouldn’t have to scroll through the list to find what you want, and would speed looting up drastically, making things easier for everyone.

My very basic concept for a change to looting death boxes from apexlegends

Potential problems too

Plenty of players voiced their support for the idea, especially as it would also help Loba when she uses her Black Market Boutique ultimate. However, some had concerns as well.


“This would make looting on console so much harder,” argued TrapTombstone. “Quite unfriendly to new players – it doesn’t really tell you what the things in there are,” added another player.

At the end of the day, if Respawn followed the idea, they would likely balance it so it works for console and PC, and also probably add descriptions when you hovered over the item as well. They’d have to put their own spin on things as they’ve said before they will rarely out and out copy fan ideas.