Apex Legends Market skins revealed: Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline & more

. 8 months ago
apex legends chinatown market
Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Market crossover has finally gone live after being delayed from last year – and we’ve got you covered with all the new skins and bundles in this event.

Over the last few years, battle royale games have set the benchmark for in-game crossovers. Epic Games’s Fortnite has led the way with everything from in-game concerts to new skins, and beyond.

In the case of Apex Legends, crossovers have, so far, been limited. Other EA properties like Star Wars and Mass Effect have reared their heads, and you can get some weapon charms for games that are made by Valve.

Respawn is finally breaking that mold with LA-based fashion company formerly known as Chinatown Market. Even though the crossover was delayed in 2020 due to controversy about the ‘Chinatown’ name, they have since rebranded and the Apex Legends Market crossover is back on track.

Apex events have given us plenty of new skins over time.

Apex Legends Market skins

Wraith: Ringside

ringside bundle apex
Wraith’s new bundle in the Market crossover.


  • Legendary ‘Ringside’ Wraith skin
  • Legendary ‘Hammer Down’ Wingman skin
  • Legendary ‘Acrobat’ emote

Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado

sundown desperado bundle apex
EA/Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s new bundle features an epic ‘Hemlok’ skin.


  • Legendary ‘Sundown Desperado’ Bloodhound skin
  • Legendary ‘Hunter’s Call’ emote
  • Epic ‘Phoenix Fire’ Hemlok skin
  • Epic ‘Crossed Swords’ skydive emote


mic check lifeline bundle apex
EA/Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s Mic Check bundle features a legendary ‘G7’ skin.


  • Legendary ‘Mic Check’ Lifeline skin
  • Legendary ‘Regal Strike’ G7 Scout skin
  • Legendary ‘Bobblehead Lifeline’ Weapon charm
  • Epic ‘Bust A Move’ emote

Gibraltar: Booming System

booming system gibraltar bundle
EA/Respawn Entertainment
Gibraltar’s new skin bundle in the Marker crossover.


  • Legendary ‘Booming System’ Gibraltar skin
  • Legendary ‘Beat Dropper’ R-99 skin

Mirage: Night Crawler

nightcrawler bundle apex
EA/Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Night Crawler bundle features an impressive ‘EVA-8’ skin.


  • Legendary ‘Night Crawler’ Mirage skin
  • Legendary ‘Identity Theft’ EVA-8 skin
  • Legendary ‘Selfie’ emote

How much do the Apex Legends Market bundles cost?

Market bundle in Apex Legends
EA/Respawn Entertainment
The Market Bundle runs for 6,000 apex coins and includes legendary skins for Wraith, Lifeline, Mirage & Bloodhound.

Apart from Gibraltar’s ‘Booming System’ bundle, each skin bundle in the Apex Legends Market crossover costs 3,950 apex coins, which roughly translates to $40. Gibraltar’s skin bundle only has two legendary items, and it will cost you 2,950 apex coins, or roughly $30.

Respawn has also given players the option to buy the skins separately from the bundles. Every individual legendary skin in the crossover, apart from Gibraltar’s skin, will run you 1,800 apex coins. You can also collect these skins in the ‘Market Bundle’ worth 6,000 apex coins or $60.

Unfortunately for Gibraltar mains, his skin only comes as a part of his skin bundle worth 2,950 apex coins.

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