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Bugged Apex Legends vantage point is near impossible to counter against

Published: 8/Jan/2020 22:36 Updated: 9/Jan/2020 10:21

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends map has a ton of obstacles for players to avoid, such as geysers, lava, a moving train and even glitched hiding spots that can conceal players in walls.

Respawn Entertainment have worked toward getting the battle royale ready for not only the content drop of Season 4 soon but also the upcoming inaugural running of the new Apex Legends Global Series.

One of those fixes might have to come in the form of sturdier walls since some players have found some nooks and crannies that the devs might not have intended for them to get behind.

DesertGraffitiMaker via RedditIt seems like some solid textures on the Apex Legends map can be moved through.

Reddit user ‘DesertGraffitiMaker’ demonstrated on of these spots in his post showing that using even a Legend like Lifeline, players can reach these bugged viewpoints to get the drop on any of their opponents in the Apex Games.

Northwest of The Geyser, just outside of the mountain-side facility, players can find metal scaffolding. Climbing just atop the first break where there is a ledge to stand on, players can maneuver to just to the right of it.

Even though there’s a metal tube and rock behind that, there actually able to slightly wedge themselves into the metal tube and climb even higher.

A Dumb spot where you can hide could be a Bug (i got many more of these) from apexlegends

It’s here where DesertGraffitiMaker shows the glitched vantage point which lets players easily scout the area below and beyond without being seen.

Once the player made their way up to the spot, all they had to do was crouch behind the wall to hide themselves if another squad came passing through.

The user even showed how simple it was to pop back up and take shots while poking through the bugged textures.

DesertGraffitiMaker via RedditThe player showed how easy it is to get the jump on an unsuspecting squad in Apex Legends.

Spots like these were common on the old Kings Canyon map, as players found numerous rocks and other boulders to phase through. Many of those spots also offered protection against enemy gunfire, but it’s unknown if this new one goes that far.

Quite a few players will remember the pain it was to deal with players that would glitch themselves in those spots on the old map, giving this new one the potential to cause real headaches.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals top 5 most played legends in Season 7

Published: 27/Nov/2020 10:08

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein has revealed the five most popular legends from Season 7 – and it should come as no surprise that Horizon is right up there already.

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, it’s been easy for players to chop and change the legends they use seeing as a new character is introduced which each major, season starting update. 

The new character always receives huge attention as players want to test out the new content, but sometimes, they don’t stick around and can immediately fall to the bottom of the pile once fans are seemingly bored with them. 

In the case of Horizon and Apex Legends Season 7, she has been able to stick around as one of the most played legends – even cementing her spot amongst some of the battle royale’s long-term favorites.

Wraith in World's Edge Apex Legends
Wraith still leads the way as Apex’s most-used legend.

Speaking on The Third Party: An Apex Legends podcast, Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein revealed how the list of most played legends in the new season had started to shape up.

“Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane, and then Lifeline, that’s the pick order right now,” Klein told the podcast hosts in relation to the top five, noting that Horizon had started to settle in the top five after her initial explosion in use. 

Octane being so high might surprise a few players, and as Klein points out, he doesn’t “win a lot of games,” but he’s so fun to play because of his speedy abilities. Klein also noted that there is an “interesting situation” with Bloodhound because they have a high pick rate, but they don’t win a lot of games. 

Timestamp of 46:00

Additionally, the Apex developer revealed that Loba has also seen a rise in her trios win rate after her Ultimate received a bit of a shake up at the start of Season 7. Though, he didn’t note just how popular and used that she has become. 

As the season unfolds, some currently lesser-played legends might see a boost in usage after Respawn rolls out patches, so, we’ll have to wait and see as to whether or not the top five is shaken up or if it stays the same moving forward.