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Bugged Apex Legends Olympus location makes players invincible

Published: 8/Mar/2021 10:14

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered a bugged spot on Olympus where, should you use it, you’ll be invulnerable to enemy attacks. However, it is pretty situational. 

Since the launch of Apex Legends back in February of 2019, Respawn Entertainment have fiddled with the game’s maps – creating new maps altogether, as well as making changes to the original Kings Canyon.

As these maps have been updated, players have found unique spots to counter enemy attacks. Some are a bit of legitimate than others, seeing as you can use an ability to reach them. Though, there have been plenty of bugged spots that pretty much give players free wins.


Similar spots can be found on Olympus – the map added with the start of Season 7 – but there’s also a pretty unusual one that will make you invulnerable to enemy attacks, be they melee or bullets.

Apex Legends Horizon Finisher
Respawn Entertainment
Legends like Horizon have abilities that can help them reach certain spots on the map.

Reddit user Mayor-of-Apex flagged the spot after their friend managed to crawl their way into it during a recent game.

It’s situated at Estates in the middle of the map, and it’s such an unusual spot because it’s actually behind a plant. As the Redditor’s pal shows, if you crawl behind the potted plant, enemies can’t attack you – as much as they might try to.


As the Redditor shows, enemies simply got tired of trying to eliminate their pal, and simply moved on to doing something else – leaving them to lay in a bizarre new spot.

My buddy inxrfrii doesn’t have social but he found this bug! This plant makes you invincible! from apexlegends

As for why this spot is helping players, it’s probably just a clipping error from the side of the devs after they introduced it. It’s an easy fix, if they choose to address it.

In terms of using it to your advantage in-game, it’s ultra situational. You’d have to be at Estates, of course, and hope enemies give up on trying to finish you off. You might be able to pop off a self-revive with a gold shield, but standing up might blow your cover.


We’ll have to wait and see as to whether or not Respawn will address it.