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Respawn investigating brutal Apex Legends bug making Gibraltar weaker to explosives

Published: 4/Jun/2021 8:49

by Brad Norton


Respawn Entertainment is looking into a bizarre Apex Legends bug that’s making Gibraltar extremely vulnerable to any form of explosive damage.

As one of the classic Legends, Gibraltar has been part of EA’s popular battle royale for more than two years now. Yet even this staple character isn’t safe from devastating new bugs in Apex Legends.

While some glitches make abilities stronger, and in some cases, outright broken, others impact the very fundamentals of the game. Such is the case with the latest critical issue holding back Gibraltar mains around the world.

Despite being a tanky Legend with his own unique defenses, Gibraltar just got a whole lot weaker — any form of explosive Apex Legends damage is now almost lethal for Gibraltar, and strangely enough Gibraltar alone.


While experimenting in a June 2 broadcast, Apex streamer Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore discovered the issue. Something as simple as an Arc Star is now dealing upwards of 185 damage to the bugged character.

Even Gibraltar’s very own Ultimate is now absolutely brutal.

Rather than dealing the standard 40 damage per hit with the Defensive Bombardment, this explosive ordinance now hits for more than 100 damage with each blow.

This extreme damage boost seems to apply for just about every explosive in the game when aimed at Gibraltar. There’s no telling exactly how this came into effect, but rest assured, devs are already on top of it.


Filed under the ‘investigation’ tab in the official Apex bug tracker, Respawn is well aware of this new issue. The official Trello listing reads: “Looking into reports of Gibraltar taking more than intended damage.”

While it’s still under investigation, there’s obviously no indication of how long it might be around for. This bug could be squashed in a matter of hours or it could be around for a long while yet.

Regardless, if you happen to be a Gibby main, you better be cautious of every explosive moving forward in Apex. If you’re on the receiving end of even just one Arc Star, it would completely ruin your next drop.