Bizarre Apex Legends bug lets Pathfinder zipline to the heavens

Carver Fisher
Pathfinder bug Apex Legends

An odd Pathfinder bug in Apex Legends allows him to send his zipline ultimate to the skies and lead his teammates into the heavens.

Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs over the years. From mildly irritating to game-breaking, there’s a whole range of glitches that have been ironed out over the years.

But sometimes, there’s a bug that comes around that’s just plain bizarre. Some bugs aren’t particularly disruptive and don’t break the game in any way, but definitely use game mechanics in a way that wasn’t intended.

A recently discovered Pathfinder bug is just that. This isn’t a bug that’s going to break the fabric of Apex Legends as we know it, but it certainly allows for some shenanigans.

Apex Legends Pathfinder bug takes teammates to the skies

Apex Legends content creator Mokeysniper posted a Twitter video showing off a strange Pathfinder glitch that allows him to attach his zipline ultimate to seemingly nothing at all.

This bug isn’t overly useful considering that heading into the skies makes you a very obvious target, but it certainly adds some spice to an average game of Apex Legends.

And, since Pathfinder can place multiple ziplines at a time, Mokeysniper could be seen sending sky-bound zips all over the map over the course of the game.

Normally, Pathfinder’s ultimate can be a little inconsistent. It’ll snap to terrain and force players to adjust the trajectory of the zip in order to be placed. However, this bug has thrown all that aside and allowed players to toss ziplines wherever they want. Sort of.

This bug only works in Gun Run, and the zipline is attached to the map boundary that marks the area of play for the limited-time mode. A video posted on Reddit shows the key to this trick a bit more clearly.

You can clearly see the zipline attached to the map boundary here. It’s considerably less game-breaking than Pathfinder being able to place a zipline wherever he wants.

Considering that Gun Run was made to be a fun game mode rather than a competitive one, this Pathfinder bug only adds to the hilarity and chaos.

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