Frustrating Revenant bug completely breaks his Ultimate in Apex Legends

Apex Legends RevenantRespawn Entertainment

A major bug with Revenant’s Ultimate is making his Death Totem completely useless in Apex Legends Season 14.

Since arriving on the roster all the way back in Season 4, Revenant has never been a massively popular pick in Apex Legends.

Aside from the infamous Revtane combination that completely took over competitive play back in June of 2021, the Synthetic Nightmare has never gained a foothold in the meta since.

Despite this, a group of dedicated mains within the community make up his 2.4% pick rate in Season 14, and they’re certainly fans of his aggressive playstyle.

Of course, Revenant’s Ultimate is absolutely essential to his kit, so a new bug making it completely useless is causing a lot of issues in Hunted.

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Apex Legends RevenantRespawn Entertainment
Revenant has a 2.4% pick rate in Apex Legends.

Major Revenant bug makes his Ultimate completely useless

As showcased by Reddit user KilledByKill, a frustrating glitch is breaking Revenant’s Ultimate and there are suspicions that the latest arrival in the Outlands is to blame.

After activating their Ultimate, KilledByKill used the Death Totem and ran into the line of fire, looking to take down an enemy before being teleported back behind cover.

Unfortunately, the Death Totem didn’t work, and KilledByKill was downed with the protection active. The cause of the bug was a complete mystery until eagle-eyed Reddit users pointed out that Vantage may be the culprit.

KilledByKill is shot by Vantage’s sniper seconds before going down, and users believe the debuff may have triggered an unintended interaction with Rev’s Ultimate.

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While it’s possible the Sniper Savant is to blame, this is all speculation at the moment and we’ll have to see if one of the devs decides to shed some light on the issue.

Either way, this is a serious Revenant glitch and completely compromises his kit, so Respawn we’ll need to address this as soon as possible.

Not only that, KilledByKill lost 55RP in Ranked due to this bug, so it’s already leading to a lot of frustration from players.