Bangalore buff idea gets response from Apex Legends dev

Connor Bennett

An Apex Legends fan has put forward their idea for a rework to Bangalore and her ultimate, with one Respawn dev even noticing it as “good feedback.”

While Respawn Entertainment are the only ones who can make changes to Apex Legends, that doesn’t stop fans from putting their ideas forward. Players put forward ideas for everything from new cosmetics to new legends as well as makeovers for the current crop.

With legends like Crypto, lifeline, and Wraith receiving tweaks recently, the focus has shifted on to other characters – with Bangalore being thrust into the spotlight as being next in line. 

While Respawn might have their own ideas, they’ve seemingly been helped by one fan who put forward a pretty convincing case for their concept.

Respawn Entertainment
Bangalore is a popular figure in Apex Legends.

The idea came from Pooch, who noted that Bang’s ultimate should rain down slightly faster and not stun her team, but can still stun her. On top of that, when she activates double time, only her holstered gun should reload.

Though, the Twitter user also put forward the idea that as her ultimate is being readied, Bangalore should get a speed boost. This would allow her to become more aggressive and push towards enemies as they prepare for the worst.

Pooch added that the “most annoying” thing about using Bangalore is that her ultimate takes too long to charge and is pretty ineffective in its current state – usually forcing teams to split up to avoid being stunned by its friendly fire. 

The concept would see Bangalore’s ultimate receive some tweaks.

Josh Medina, a produced for Apex Legends, seemingly took the feedback on board, responding to the initial tweet.

“Good feedback here,” Medina noted, much to the joy of fans who urged him and the Respawn team to move forward and show Bangalore some much-needed love in future updates. 

Obviously, while fans have their ideas for changes, Respawn have got to keep the battle royale balanced. So, they will likely have some thoughts of their own for changes, but may sprinkle in a bit of these fan ideas.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens to the Professional Soldier later down the line. Though, it does seem clear that she is one of the next legends in line for an update.