Apex Legends tips & tricks to get the 20 Kill Badge

Connor Bennett

Still, trying to get your hands on the 20 kill badge in Apex Legends? Well, some players have shared tips that should give you a helping hand. 

Badge hunting is something that plenty of Apex Legends players do. By collecting an impressive set of badges, you can stand out from the pack when you get to show off your card as a part of the champion squad or in the death recap screen when you’ve eliminated an enemy.

Though, one of the hardest badges still around is the one rewarding you for picking up 20 kills. Judging it on name alone, you might assume that it shouldn’t be that hard to get. Just drop in, kill 20 enemies, and get out.

Yet, it isn’t all that simple. However, some players have shared their tips on how to make it slightly easier to collect – including the optimal map, weapon loadout, and even rotations. 

You will need some luck on your side to get 20 kills.

According to Apex Legends player http2k4s, your best bet for getting the badge comes on Kings Canyon. With everything being a bit more compact compared to World’s Edge, you can easily fall backwards into a few kills. 

As for an optimal landing spot, spaces like Market and Gauntlet aren’t major hot drops, though, enough players do land there to get you two or three kills off the bat. Plus, the loot ain’t too bad either.

Speaking of loot, http2k4s recommends using an R-99 where possible and not wasting too much time hunting through death boxes when you’ve started picking up kills. Time is precious at the end of the day when you want the kills.

While trios might seem like the best option as well – even though you can rack up more kills at once, you are better off playing duos. Why? Simple, you can get a kill on a player and only have to worry about one enemy coming to attack you in response, not two. 

Now, obviously, you do need some luck on your side too when it comes to getting loot, being credited with a kill, and having enemies spawn near you yet.

Even just getting into double digits with kills means you’ve some talent as well. Hopefully, though, the tips can help you get closer to that all-important badge.

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