Bizarre Apex Legends waterfall glitch is making gunfights one-sided

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer Fc1cVTGH]A newly discovered glitch in Apex Legends appears to make waterfalls completely impervious to bullets and gunfire from only one side. This can make gunfights a bit unfair, to say the least.

Normally in Apex, the waterfalls found on both of the game’s maps are just parts of the scenery and they allow bullets and other munitions to pass right through with no problem. However, there seems to be a spot on King’s Canyon where this isn’t the case.

In the clip below from Reddit user Haxxor1, Lifeline and her team run into a firefight with another squad located on the opposite side of a waterfall on King’s Canyon.

Lifeline rushes to her teammate’s aid and takes aim at the enemy through the waterfall before unloading with the Charge Rifle. The only problem is the beams hit and discharge on the inside of the waterfall, instead of passing through as they should.

An impenetrable waterfall wouldn’t be that massive of an issue if it applied both ways, but it doesn’t. The enemy team’s shots are able to pass through the front part unhindered, which makes for a very one-sided fight.

You could argue it might just be just a weird interaction with the Charge Rifle and the waterfall, but that doesn’t seem to be the case because Lifeline’s teammates’ shots don’t seem to make it through either.

After trying to rez their teammate, the player made their smartest move yet and simply left the area and the bugged out waterfall behind, which, if you run into this glitch, is probably your best course of action.

The waterfall might have been unfair, but at least Lifeline’s rez shield still worked in a pinch.

This strange bulletproof waterfall definitely hasn’t always been the case, there are plenty of instances from seasons past where players were able to shoot and down enemies right through them, so this can definitely be called a glitch or bug.

Hopefully, Respawn devs implement a fix for this before players leave King’s Canyon again (whenever that is), but for now, it’s probably wise to steer clear of any and all waterfalls on the map, unless you’re on the side that can actually shoot through, of course.