Apex Legends’ Ash gets unmasked to reveal true face and it’s pretty creepy

Ash in Apex Legends holding his mask offRespawn/EA

Apex Legends dataminers have managed to reveal what Ash looks like without her mask on, and it’s safe to say she’s even creepier than before.

Season 11: Escape has brought about the biggest crossover between Apex Legends and Titanfall in quite some time, with Ash and the C.A.R SMG joining the battle royale party.

The brand-new legend has quickly skyrocketed to the top of the most-used charts and won over fans with her villainous vibes. Though, having some of the game’s most powerful abilities helps as well.

Her unique look has also captured the imagination of fans especially as her true face is hidden behind a mask. However, some fans have been able to get a closer look at her, and it is pretty creepy.

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Ash in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Ash is Apex Legends’ 19th playable character.

Apex Legends dataminers Garret and KralRindo were the ones who managed to share the up-close and personal look at Ash being unmasked, and it’s actually pretty impressive.

While she doesn’t take her mask off in the battle royale – and probably never will – Ash’s face is pretty detailed as many players have pointed out. “Ok now I’m more terrified,” said one Apex fan. “Put it back on,” added another.

Others quickly suggested that despite it being scary, Respawn should add the look as a skin. “Why do I like this? Like I wish I had this as a skin,” another player chimed in. “Would be a fire skin if they add an unmasked Ash.”

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Anyone who has played Destiny might also point out the similarities between her look and that of Cayde-6. Though, Ash is missing the horn. Some players also likened maskless Ash to Harry Potter’s Voldermort – though you don’t have to fear saying her name.

We’ll have to wait and see if Respawn does anything with unmasked Ash, but it seems unlikely.