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Arenas in Apex Legends still has a major spawn bug not fixed in Season 10

Published: 6/Aug/2021 13:46

by James Busby


Apex Legends Arenas continues to prove popular amongst players looking to get into quick firefights, but one bug continues to inadvertently speed up the process in Season 10. 

Just like every competitive multiplayer FPS shooter, Apex Legends continually adds new content to keep things fresh. While Season 10: Emergence has added Seer and the Rampage LMG, there have been a number of weird bugs spotted by the community. 

From the hilarious Loba bug that sees her assets get in the way to accidental Wattson buffs, the list of bugs continues to grow. Respawn is usually quick to address these issues, but it seems that one frustrating bug is still impacting the game’s Arenas matches. 


The 3v3 mode is certainly no stranger to the world of whacky bugs, but this spawn-related issue continues to run rampant in Season 10. 

Apex Legends Arenas spawn bug

Apex Legends Arenas bug
Respawn Entertainment
This Apex Legends Arenas bug continues to ruin games.

Arenas was introduced back in Season 9 and since then, the 3v3 mode has proved popular amongst players looking to flex their skills. The smaller nature of the maps and limited weapon pool mean squads can quickly get straight into the action without the need to loot. 

As you’d expect, the rounds are incredibly intense, and kills can often come incredibly fast if you have the skills needed to outplay your foes. While the fear of being third-partied is completely eliminated, there is one game-breaking bug that continues to ruin Arenas matches. 


After loading into the game, Reddit user Dead_by_Dinosaur discovered that their friend had spawned with the enemy team. The enemy were instantly alerted to Octane’s presence and quickly killed the player before they could even react. This instantly forced Dead_by_Dinosaur’s team into an unfair 2v3 scenario.  

Unfortunately, this particular Arenas bug has been floating around the game since Season 9 and Respawn has yet to fix this issue. Quite what causes this game-breaking bug to occur remains unknown, but for now, it seems Arenas matches could end up being incredibly one-sided.