Apex Legends hackers exposed as the same people behind Titanfall attacks

Respawn Entertainment

In a bizarre twist, a group of so-called Titanfall fans have been accused of being behind the ‘Save Titanfall’ hack in Apex Legends, despite claiming it had nothing to do with them. These same individuals are also accused of being responsible for destroying Titanfall 2, in an attempt to revive ‘Titanfall Online.’

The Titanfall series, and more recently, Apex Legends, have been targeted by hackers and DoS’ers repeatedly, making the Titanfall games largely unplayable for long periods of time.

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Although there has always been confusion about who was responsible, most believed a solitary figure known as ‘Jeanue’ was to blame.

While this might be the case for Titanfall 1, a series of Discord messages published in a long exposé on the Save Titanfall website reveals that a different group was behind the Titanfall 2 attacks, as well as Apex Legends.

Apex hackers ‘exposed’

YouTuber Upper Echelon posted a video over 20 minutes in length on August 6, explaining the full situation.

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It is alleged that a Titanfall community member called ‘p0358’ was colluding with other members of the Discord group ‘Remnant Fleet’ to keep the Titanfall games “dead.”

Their motivation was to convince Respawn to hire them or hand over control of the servers to revive a canceled project called Titanfall Online.

Discord messages between users p0358, RedShield, DogeCore, and Mr Steyk, appear to show them discussing the ‘operation Titanfall’ attack, which took place on July 4 in Apex Legends.

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Messages show RedShield, the admin of the Remnant Fleet Discord, discussing the Apex ‘publicity stunt’ as early as February 2021.

Later, after the hack, p0358 and RedShield tried to make very clear that they had nothing to do with the Apex Legends hack,

Apex Legends hacker messagesScreenshot via SaveTitanfall.com
Messages from RedShield show discussion of the Apex attack as early as February.

This same user was then quoted in a Eurogamer article about the hack, in which they outright request that Respawn give them more control over the Titanfall servers. “I ask that Respawn solves the issue permanently by giving us access and control over the Titanfall 1 servers, with permission to moderate, to ban users, and, if I can be so bold, to even mod the game,” they said.

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Notably, p0358 – who has now been exposed as part of this hacking group – posted a “solution” to fix Titanfall on July 27. They claimed this was an easy fix Respawn could use, and once again brought up the idea of being hired. Some users even tipped them via PayPal for this work.

How to fix titanfallTwitter: p0358
The user known as p0358 received adoration from the community for his Titanfall “solution” post.

The Titanfall community heaped praise on this “solution” and its creator – but it appears they were hoodwinked by the very person behind the hacks in the first place, something that a few did in fact predict.

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The group also appears to have been behind an attack on an Apex Legends tournament, targeting pro players who “deserve” it for “bitching about Respawn looking into Titanfall.”

Apex Legends hackers

Adding fuel to the fire, the Titanfall subreddit has removed one of its moderators, who was also exposed by the SaveTitanfall website as being supportive of the attacks, and helping push p0358’s post on the subreddit.

“As a result of the evidence we’ve been provided, the moderators of r/titanfall have removed u/hiticonic from the moderation team and are currently investigating,” the subreddit mods said.

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RedShield responds

In a Discord message following the allegations, RedShield, admin of Remnant Fleet, said that the “article took stuff out of context to slander us,” and “If anyone wants to send me some screenshots from the listings to my DM’s, I’ll be more than happy to offer up context to them. There’s just a lot of them for me to sift through, and I think this might help clear our name.”

RedShield titanfall message

This is a bizarre twist in the tale of Titanfall’s woes, which, right now, is currently playable. Perhaps the usual suspects are caught up with other matters at the moment.

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