Apex Legends Wraith Twitch Prime skin leaked and coming soon

Isaac McIntyre
Twitch / Respawn Entertainment

The next Twitch Prime exclusive Apex Legends skin will feature one of the battle royale’s most popular characters, Wraith, and data miners have already revealed what her new style will look like when it arrives later this month.

There’s simply no denying it ⁠— Wraith is pretty much Apex’s most popular legend. The Interdimensional Skirmisher is currently played by nearly a quarter of the fanbase, so it’s no small surprise she is next in line for a free Twitch skin.

Last month’s Prime releases have been pretty interesting. After his Season 4 debut, Revenant was adorned with a free “Gilded Rose” costume. More recently, smooth-talking Mirage got an Irish variant. Now it’s Wraith’s turn.

Wraith is the next Apex character to get a free Twitch Prime skin.
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith is the next Apex character to get a free Twitch Prime skin.

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New Queen of Hearts Wraith skin leaked

According to Apex code digger Biast12, Wraith’s Twitch Prime skin will be called “Queen of Hearts.” On top of that, they’ve already given us a pretty good look at what the new variant costume will look like in-game too.

The rare skin ⁠— buried in the code as “wraith_*_rareplus_queenofhearts” ⁠— appears to be based on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland villain of the same name. In the 2010 movie Helena Bonham Carter is adorned with red and white face paint.

Wraith appears to have undergone the same treatment with her Twitch Prime skin, down to the light blue eyebrow paint and narrow red lipstick. She’s also wearing red and black robes covered in card suits, including hearts.

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When will the Twitch Prime Wraith skin be released?

Wraith’s new rare skin will be available from April 15, according to updated information on Apex’s Twitch Prime page. Mirage’s Lucky Charmer costume is already available there, and Wraith’s has been updated to read “April 15.”

This means that, at the time of publication, Wraith fans and Prime subscribers only have to wait nine days to get their hands on the new release variant.

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How to get the free Twitch Prime Wraith skin

You will need an active Twitch Prime subscription to obtain this new Wraith skin. To add the item to your inventory, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the Apex Legends page on the Twitch Prime website.
  • Log in with the credentials for your Twitch account that has an active Prime subscription.
  • Click the CLAIM NOW button above the Queen of Hearts Wraith skin (once it becomes available on April 15).
  • When prompted, click to link your EA account with your Twitch account.
  • Once your accounts have been linked, the item will be claimed. It will then be added to your in-game inventory the next time you log in.
Wraith's Twitch Prime skin has been locked in for an April 15 release
Wraith’s Twitch Prime skin has been locked in for an April 15 release.

Unfortunately, the Queen of Hearts skin is no Voidwalker release ⁠— it’s doubtful we’ll ever see that mega-popular skin return to the game ⁠— but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the pick-up, especially considering it’s basically free!

If you’re not interested in Wraith, don’t worry. There’s still plenty to look forward to on Apex’s horizon, from a host of new skins coming alongside the Bloodhound Town Takeover event, to the actual map-changing event itself.