Apex Legends Wraith trick makes armories a death trap

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A Wraith trick solves the difficulty of ambushing enemy Apex Legends teams when they emerge from the armories.

Armories have been a somewhat controversial addition to Apex Legends. They only exist on Storm Point, and allow teams to safely loot at any point in the game without the risk of being killed by other squads.

Once armories close, they’re locked until the people inside want to leave. And, though you can wait outside of armories and try to get the drop on those trying to farm for loot, taking down a squad before they blast off into the sky is easier said than done.

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However, a Wraith player found a way to set up the perfect trap for those trying to take advantage of the “safe” source of loot.

Wraith trick makes Apex Legends armories a death trap

Like many Wraith tricks before it, this one requires her ultimate. Abducting players with her ult is nothing new, but, this time, the trick is to place her portal exactly where teams blast off from the armory.

This one requires a bit more patience and planning than some other Wraith abduction tricks, and Reddit user TerrorApoc shows how to pull off this trick perfectly.

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Placement is key here. Putting Wraith’s ultimate above where the ceiling opens up is essential to pulling this off.

Patience comes into play when finding the right time to place the portal. Armories take a minute or two to finish, not including the time those inside spend looting. Placing Wraith’s portal too early can cause it to expire before it’s useful, especially if the ring is closing in.

Wraith portals placed outside of the ring have a drastically reduced duration, so this is important to keep in mind if you’re trying to get the drop on a team that’s completing an armory as the ring closes in.

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If you want to add insult to injury, placing traps at the portal’s end point can help ensure victory. Legends like Wattson or Caustic really help here, but tossing a few grenades at the portal’s exit can do the job in a pinch.

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