ImperialHal hits out at ‘OP’ Storm Point Armories in Apex Legends

ImperialHal in Apex Legends armory on Storm PointTSM/Respawn

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen hit out at the IMC Armories on Storm Point being slightly overpowered, believing that they would have been suited to World’s Edge.

At the start of Apex Legends Season 13, Respawn Entertainment gave Storm Point yet another big shakeup to make things interesting. A brand-new POI, The Downed Beast, was added while a handful of IMC Armories were also unearthed.

The armories have already proven to be a popular spot for players, seeing as you can fight off CPU-controlled Spectres and rack up a nice bit of loot for not much work at all.

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However, the new loot hotspots have caused headaches for pro players like ImperialHal who aren’t too fond of them, given you can get better loot from the armories versus looting a proper POI elsewhere on the map.

IMC ArmoriesRespawn Entertainment
IMC Armories are scattered around the Storm Point map.

The TSM star aired his frustrations with the armories during a recent session of Apex, where he said that he didn’t believe they were needed on Storm Point and should have been added to World’s Edge.

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“They need to like actually make that armory a challenge and not like the freest f**king loot in the game. Those armories are literally like a POI in itself,” Hal said, pointing out how teams can get decent shields and health supplies for a minute or so’s work.

“I don’t understand why they added those things to this map (Storm Point) when it has the best loot out of any map instead of like the sh**tier maps. Like, World’s Edge, why didn’t they add that to World’s Edge?”

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With their removal unlikely to be a thing, the Apex pro did suggest a change that Respawn could implement to balance the Armories a little. “I think they need to remove the ammo drops and cell drops from the ground,” he said.

It remains to be seen whether his calls will be heard or not, but like some, he’s not overly impressed with the new additions.

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