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Apex Legends Wattson player creates longest fences ever on World’s Edge

Published: 21/Oct/2021 11:39

by Lauren Bergin


Apex Legends’ Wattson is known for her electrical prowess, but is also notoriously underpowered. One player has tried to fix this on their own though, by creating the longest fences World’s Edge has ever seen. 

Apex Legends’ resident fence builder, Wattson, is perfect for players that love to sit back and lure enemies into electrifying traps.

While a new trick has surfaced that finally allows players to place the fence pylons a lot closer together (if they’re willing to spend the time on it, that is,) the same Wattson fan has also been trying out the exact opposite by pushing the fences to their limit.


Using World’s Edge as their hunting ground, this trickster has managed to create the longest fences that the Apex Games have ever seen.

Apex Legends woman in orange jacket and blue hood waves at players in front of an electric fence
Respawn Entertainment
It seems that Wattson is now famous for creating the longest fence in the Apex Games.

Apex Legends Wattson player creates longest fences ever

In an attempt to create the “longest, stupidest fences possible,” Apex Legends fan Swogglenoz has gone viral within the community once again for this discovery.

Setting one side of the fence in the station area of the cable car on World’s Edge, they then proceed to drop the other marker in the car itself, which stretches the fence out as it continues its journey across the searing magma below.

From here, they climb up onto the overpass that holds the aerial system together, and drop another pylon on top of the car. They then proceed to activate the fences to create a bizarre but brilliant electrical extravaganza.


Placing a final lightning rod on one of the ropes leading down into the pit in the next cable car station, they proceed to activate it once more, illuminating the entire route in blue sparks.

I made the longest, stupidest fences possible from apexlegends

Amid comments calling Swogglenoz’s discovery “good f**king content” and “dope,” Respawn’s Associate Live Balance Designer John “JayBiebs” Larson has also jumped in to have his say.

“Can’t believe y’all cry for a Wattson buff when she had this hidden power all along,” he joked.

Will Respawn choose to fix this? Or will they continue to allow players to let the creativity run wild? Either way, this fence will go down in history for being, to borrow Swogglenoz’s words, “art.”