Apex Legends version of ‘lofi hip hop radio’ with Wraith is the perfect remake

Alan Bernal

YouTube’s classic lofi hip hop radio starring everyone’s favorite study partner has gotten an Apex Legends remix, putting Wraith in the chair along with a few easter eggs from the battle royale.

Created by YouTuber ‘Mokey,’ with the help of SageNine Music for the track and Harrison Fordison with the room model, the fan-made CGI animation is impeccable in its presentation as many will instantly flash back to those times they needed an all-night playlist to vibe with.

However, instead of a random assortment of the chillest lofi beats around the net, the video has an incredible remix of the main theme for Apex Legends.

The epic opening to the battle royale seamlessly translates into an easy-listening track that distinguishes itself from the original while still hitting all the right notes with fans.

But even more impressive are all the nods and easter eggs embedded in the entire frame, with Nessie dolls, a loot tick, and, of course, Wraith’s kunai knife that she picks up and plays with a bit as a study break.

Eagle-eyed fans will also spot a nod to the original lofi radio by YouTube channel ‘ChilledCow,’ that can be spotted on Wraith’s laptop right in front of her, flanked by the highly-coveted Nesper charm/plush.

The entire sequence clocks in at just under four minutes, and it took Mokey about eight months of sporadically working on the project to bring it all together for the finished product.

The fan-made animation has been hitting all the right tunes with the Apex Legends community.

And people have really been enjoying the fan-made creation, racking up a ton of fanfare on Reddit and YouTube where fans have been appreciating every inch of the video.

Luckily for them, as the animation will forever live on the internet, SageNine indicated that there could be more Apex Legends remixes on the way: “Who knows, with the recent Fight Night release, I might have to make some new Jazz/Noir Chillhop, maybe even a full length Kings Canyon Radio mix!”

This is one of the most impressive fan creations we’ve seen from the Apex Legends community, and it’s been resonating with thousands of players.

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