Apex Legends Fight Night update finally adds 2 of the most-requested features ever

Apex Legends Pathfinder Fight Night Event With LogoRespawn Entertainment

In the Fight Night event patch notes, Respawn confirmed two features that players have been begging for since the game’s release are finally coming to Apex Legends in the game’s next update.

Season 7 of Apex Legends is well underway, and players have spent plenty of time experimenting with the game’s new map and Legend. To kick off 2021 and bridge the gap between Season 8’s release in February, Respawn announced the Fight Night Collection Event.

Starting January 5, players will have a chance to complete the event-specific rewards track and obtain limited-time cosmetics via the in-game shop. The Pathfinder-themed event also features two unique limited-time modes: Airdrop Escalation and Pathfinder’s Town Takeover.

In addition to the extra content for players to enjoy, Respawn is using the update to take a swing at balancing issues and add some quality of life improvements. Included in the Fight Night patch notes are two highly-requested features that players will be ecstatic to finally see.

Apex Legends Fight Night Event Bloodhound Revenant CosmeticsRespawn Entertainment
The new Fight Night event is bringing limited-time game modes and cosmetics to Apex Legends, along with some major feature updates.

Ultimate Accelerants

The first big change coming in the update is a tweak to the way that Ultimate Accelerants function. Currently, players must open their inventory and click on an Ultimate Accelerant in their backpack to use the item and charge their ultimate ability.

This process is changing with the release of the Fight Night update. Players will be able to simply press the button(s) used to activate their ultimate, and will automatically use an Ult Accel if they have the item in their inventory and their ultimate is not already charged.

This change is something players have been asking Respawn to implement since the earliest days of the game. After the patch notes were released, the community took to Twitter and Reddit to express their appreciation of Respawn adding this feature.

Mark all as seen in Apex Legends

While the change to Ultimate Accelerants is a welcome addition, Respawn also announced they are adding another feature at the top of the community’s wishlist. With the Fight Night update, the developer is implementing a “Mark All As Seen” button.

This is another feature the community has called for since the game’s release. Now, players who don’t immediately inspect every new cosmetic they unlock can use this button to remove red markers that are cluttering up their weapon and Legend customization menus.

In addition to these two features, Respawn is also rolling out a few weapon and Legend tweaks along with a list of bug fixes. Players can check out the official patch notes for all the details ahead of Fight Night’s release on January 5.