Valkyrie voice line is scaring Apex Legends players

Brianna Reeves
apex legends valkyrie voice

A surprise voice line from Valkyrie startled an Apex Legends player, who heard a strange quote from the character after dying.

A Recon Legend armed with several tactical abilities, Valkyrie joined the Apex Legends roster in 2021 during the game’s ninth season.

Notably, Valkyrie recently became the subject of a few in-game nerfs, which reduced her power level in many respects. Yet, she remains quite the formidable foe on the battlefield.

The character’s combat prowess is not what had one Apex Legends player doing a double take, though.

Surprise Valkyrie voice line scares Apex Legends player

Seconds after dying in an Apex Legends match, Reddit user lLady_Phoenix heard the following voice line coming from an unknown source, “you like me, you really like me.”

Startled, the player shared the clip in the game’s subreddit, hoping someone else could offer an explanation.

Some suggestions pondered whether or not game chat constituted the source of the voice. Others attributed it to a glitch related to a character like Revenant. Fortunately, things weren’t as strange as they seemed at first blush.

One user explained the voice line came from a Valkyrie teammate, specifically someone who’d just become Ratings Leader. Because the Redditor died, it’s likely the first half of Valkyrie’s quote got cut off midline.

The full soundbite from the Recon Legend is as follows: “I’m the new Ratings Leader. You like me, you really like me.” Mystery solved.

In addition to being startled by surprise voice lines, Apex Legends players patiently await the advent of Season 15.

The new season, known as Eclipse, will arrive early next month on November 1. Most notably, users can look forward to the release of another playable Legend – Catalyst.