Apex Legends turns into CoD Zombies after player tries to revive near Prowlers

Alan Bernal
apex legends prowlerRespawn Entertainment

An ill-advised Respawn Beacon in Apex Legends creates a terrifying CoD Zombies ‘train’ with Storm Point’s Prowlers that players may want to avoid.

Respawn Entertainment’s Season 11: Escape introduced a new map, Storm Point, teeming with wildlife including Prowler dens. People know to tread carefully and get out quick of these areas lest they get attacked by local fauna.

But one Apex player became the target of a Prowler hunt after reviving his teammates at the Forbidden Zone near the Respawn Beacon around Antenna.

“Apparently respawning teammates in the Forbidden Zone aggros all the Prowlers there,” user ‘Kennny’ said.

Apex Legends rez aggros Prowlers

The clip is making waves in the Apex community. The player had used the Respawn Beacon beforehand to get his two teammates back into the game.

Little did he know that this action would set off the horde in a big way with no less than five Prowlers on his tail. They even joked the PvE looked like a classic clip from CoD’s popular Zombies mode.

Every one of these animals hit for 25 damage and were chasing down Kennny until they finally subdued their prey.

The scariest sequence came after the player thought they were safely guarded in the house when they turned back to see the beasts trudging up the stairs.

apex legends prowlerRespawn Entertainment
Respawn warned about how dangerous Prowlers are on Storm Point.

“Yeah that area is a definite no-go zone in and out as fast as possible,” another person said. “Lost a game because I wasn’t ready for the amount of Prowlers that would come running at us eating shots meant for the last team.”

Prowlers hunting Apex players is nothing new. Respawn added these extra threats in the battle royale to give players another layer of depth and extra resources throughout a game.

The video shows why Apex Legends players shouldn’t underestimate the Forbidden Zones on Storm Point unless they want a quick end to their game.