Shroud shares his thoughts on new CAR SMG in Apex Season 11

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Shroud CAR SMG

Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has tested out the new CAR SMG in Apex Legends Season 11 and shared whether he thinks it can compete with the R-99.

Whenever a new weapon is added to Apex Legends, it takes the community a while to decide whether it can compete in the meta, or should be left to the wayside.

Now, with the CAR SMG being added in Season 11, a lot of players are divided over whether the gun is strong enough compared to some of the other SMG options.

Although the Titanfall weapon has an incredibly strong rate of fire, it does deal less damage than the Volt and has a hefty recoil pattern.

In an attempt to find out just how strong the CAR is, shroud entered the Firing Range and decided to try it out for himself.

CAR SMG Apex Legends
The CAR can use both Heavy and Light ammo.

Shroud compares the CAR SMG with the fan-favorite R-99

During his November 4 stream, shroud decided to hop on Apex Legends and try some of the new content that arrived in Season 11. Heading into the Firing Range, he began testing out the CAR SMG and comparing it to the R-99.

Although initially he was convinced the new SMG could take the R-99’s spot in the meta, he quickly changed his mind after shooting the weapon.

It was obvious he felt it just didn’t feel as laser-point accurate as the R-99 with the same attachments, but he was incredibly impressed with the unique ammo feature: “What? It goes both? What is the point of the R-99? What? Ok the R-99, there’s no point of it anymore, ok never mind the active feed is pretty bad, I mean it’s ok.”

Overall, it doesn’t look like the CAR SMG will be taking over the Apex meta anytime soon, but the gun’s ability to take Heavy and Light ammo makes it a perfect pick for players who are constantly running out of ammo.

However, as shown by shroud, the SMG’s recoil pattern isn’t easy to control, so make sure you jump into the Firing Range and get some practice before taking it into any standard matches.

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