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How do weapons impact movement in Apex Legends – strafe and ADS speed

Published: 20/Feb/2019 15:42 Updated: 20/Feb/2019 16:18

by Paul Cot


Since its release at the beginning of February, players have become increasingly accustomed to the weapons in Apex Legends. Little advantages to get ahead are now paramount…

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Apex Legends Movement Speed

At this point Apex Legends players know which weapons are the best. Moreover, players who have played the game at length, know the better weapons for each situation.

Consequently, it is now the finer details that will separate the good and the elite players. Bullet drop and spray patterns are just two additional variables which the best players account for.

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There is another factor, however, which could come into play when deciding which gun to run with. That is your character’s movement speed depending on which gun they are holding.


Furthermore, the character’s movement speed differs between strafing normally and strafing while ADS.

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Strafe Speed – The Numbers

Redditor, and clear fan of Apex Legends “stroff“, composed the below video. The video highlights how long it takes to move from one point to another while strafing and while in ADS.

The clip shows each category of gun, SMG, AR, etc, and how they impact the speed of movement.

via Gfycat

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The numbers, and more specifically the multiplier, is shown for each category of weapon below:

  • Pistol – 1x
  • SMG – 0.9x
  • Shotgun – 0.9x
  • Assault rifle – 0.5x
  • LMG – 0.4x
  • Sniper – 0.33x

The numbers don’t differ from what would be expected but nonetheless, it is interesting to know.


As a result of the post, Apex Legends players are discussing further ways to examine the weapons. One comment suggested it would be a good idea to have the ability to test weapon attachments in the training ground.