Apex Legends stats for weapon damage per mag in Season 7

Joe Craven
Apex Legends weapons on light blue Apex background

Weapon balancing has been discussed as much as ever during Apex Legends Season 7. Some insightful stats give detailed info on how each gun stacks up in terms of damage per magazine, before you need to spend time reloading. 

Any battle royale is bound to have different metas depending on weapon balancing. Apex Legends is no different, with players always discussing the viability of different weapons as the Legend pool and map changes.

As expected, Season 7 has consisted of a moderate meta shake up. The care package only weapons remain some of the strongest in the game, alongside the R-99, Volt, and Devotion.

R-99 being pointed to the sky in Apex Legends
The R-99 returned to floor loot in Season 7, having been made care package only in past seasons.

One way in which weapon strength can be measured is damage per magazine. Obviously, the weapons with larger magazine capacities will perform higher, but it can still provide a useful idea of which weapons can deal the most damage without the need to reload.

The graph mirrors these expectations, with larger magazine weapons generally performing better. Each weapon has four lines relating to it, reflecting the different rarities of magazines players can pick up.

The player who put this together, u/TheRozB, even provided details for magazine upgrades that affect how much damage your bullets do. It’s a great graphic, and reflects which weapons can cause the most carnage without needing to dip out of the action to reload.

Apex Legends weapon damage graph
Here’s how much damage you can deal with each weapon in Apex Legends, before you have to reload.

A notable takeaway is that the Mastiff deals more damage than the Peacekeeper, despite many loving the Peacekeeper because of its earlier season prevalence.

By some distance – touching 1000 damage per mag with its maximum upgrades – is the Spitfire. This won’t surprise anyone who has used the LMG, although its cumbersome handling and moderate recoil will negate some of this damage in the form of missed shots.

It’s a fascinating graphic, but remember that it’s not completely definitive as to the best weapons. Fast reloading or dipping in and out of the action cleverly can still go a long way.

Finally, keep in mind that these stats could change with weapon tuning updates, especially when Apex Legends Season 8 drops on February 2.