Apex Legends devs respond to growing demands for “Operation Health” season

Respawn responds to Apex Legends player demands for Operation Health season.Respawn Entertainment

It looks like the Apex Legends Operation Health campaign may be over before it ever really began ⁠— a Respawn developer has admitted while they “love the idea,” in theory, the reality is that it’s just not feasible for the battle royale.

Amid ongoing Apex Legends server issues, a cacophony of bugs, glitches, and game crashes, players have come up with a Rainbow Six-inspired idea.

The idea is for Respawn to spend a whole season focusing on errors, Legend inconsistencies, infamous Apex Legends bugs, and more. Rainbow Six Siege did the same back in 2017, two years after its release, in a bid to get their struggling game engine and lagging servers back under control.

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In theory, the idea is sound, especially after this week’s issues.

Respawn are a little less sold, however, and one Apex Legends tech developer has already poured cold water on the growing “Operation Health” demands.

Rampart melee exploit apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players are convinced they’ve found a solution to the game’s ongoing issues.

Respawn’s RobotHavGunz was talking about the latest Apex Legends server issues on Reddit on September 20 when he was asked about “Operation Health,” and whether it was something the developers were considering.

His response was clear: it’s not on Respawn’s radar, for now.

“The problem with something like an Operation Health [season] is that it’s not really reflective of how game development works. There’s also the separate-but-very-much-related issue of, people might say that’s what they want, but that doesn’t actually it’s what they want. I don’t really have much of an insight there.

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“Live Operation development bears a fair amount of resemblance to just-in-time manufacturing. There are a ton of dependencies, cross-collaboration.

“I’m certainly not someone that would be a decider,” he added. “And, I totally get the request. [That said], I think, as admirable as it [the Operation Health demands] might seem to players, it’s probably not actually a good thing.

“On both sides of things, there are plenty of people who would sit idle during a period where the only work that was done was, essentially, bug fixes.”

Apex Legends StrikepackRespawn Entertainment
A “Health” season would leave many Respawn developers without work, RobotHavGunz says.

So, that Respawn response basically ends the “Operation Health” plans, before they’ve even reached a symphony in the Apex Legends player base.

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That doesn’t mean Respawn isn’t hard at work on Apex Legends fixes, game improvements, and server upgrades, however. The developers are already sinking their teeth into the latest Season 10 issues ⁠— expected to be fixed by Sep. 22 ⁠— and are always looking at ways to improve their battle royale.

RobotHavGunz made an Apex promise too: “As someone who loves quashing bugs, I’ll do my part to have ‘Operation Health’ be part of my every day.”