Apex Legends fix can help constant crash issues while Respawn investigates

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are experiencing game crashes before loading into a match. While some people found a measure of success with a simple fix, Respawn are working on a more meaningful fix.

Updated: Sept 20

Respawn Entertainment found and are investigating the problem with animated banner poses, and have recommended players unequip them for now.

The devs are hoping to have a fix for the Apex banner pose crashes on Wednesday, Sept 22 to help get players get back into the game.

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Respawn recently launched their Evolution Collection event update which brought Rampart’s Town Takeover to the game along with many buffs and nerfs for weapons or Legends. However, there’s been persistent roadblocks in the game since.

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The studio is already working to resolve Apex Legends’ server issues that have been lasting until the weekend, with Respawn extending the Season 10 rank split as a result of the interruptions.

But another problem has prevented players from entering the game, with strange stalls crashing Apex seemingly when the ‘Your Squad’ or ‘connecting to lobby’ screen flashes.

Respawn Entertainment
Though there’s a few issues affecting Apex Legends, banner poses are being linked to loading screen crashes.

Your mileage may vary, but Reddit user ‘runitback6776’ and others have had some luck with getting into Apex Legends – but with a slight tweak to their banner poses.

“I’ve found out the issue behind (most of) the crashing since this update before respawn did, all of my buddies have done this and now we are playing crash free,” they began.

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Apparently, players are pointing to purple Banner Poses (known as ‘Epic’ quality that come with animations) that are causing some crashes before loading into a game.

apex legends posesu/Paperwave64 via Reddit
There’s many banner poses in Apex Legends, from intricate animations to static designs.

“That’s why the constant crashes are happening at the ‘your squad’ and ‘connecting to lobby’ screen,” runitback6776 suggested. “Instead of using the purple banner poses, change it to a Rare pose instead that isn’t animated and the situation gets fixed.

“I believe it has to also do with multiple pose animations at once but my squad changed it to blue outta my suggestion and we have not crashed since”

While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the crashes in Apex for PlayStation, Xbox, and more, some people have been having success avoiding some of the stalls.

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As Respawn investigates the issues in Apex Legends, there should be less persistent problems, but we’ll have to wait for more updates soon.