Apex Legends: How to use simple trick to save your downed teammates

Connor Bennett

One clever Apex Legends player has revealed a useful hint that will allow you to help downed teammates make it back into the safe zone. 

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Ever since it released back in February, Apex Legends players have been finding helpful hints and tricks all across the sprawling Kings Canyon backdrop. Be it a way to take Caustic and completely hide him, or even using Wattson’s electric fence to give Wraith players a huge shock, something new is uncovered on a regular basis.

While these tips can be pretty useful for bumping up your kill total and even winning a match, there are plenty of ways to become a top Apex player while also playing the supporting role. That support role can become vitally important in the late game – especially when your teammate is on the brink of elimination.

[ad name=”article2″]Respawn entertainmentYou could use Wraith’s signature punch, but it won’t matter which Apex Legend you choose.

A new way to help your fellow players was shared by Reddit user Yoker47jk to the Apex Legends subreddit. In Yoker47jk’s post, they discovered that they could use their own melee attack to propel a teammate towards the safe zone.

With Yoker47jk’s teammate downed at one point, they were able to punch them forward after a quick revive before also using their hand strike to give them a boost while running. As the Bangalore player was downed a second time, the Redditor opted against a revive outside of the ring, instead choosing to push them inside with a further few punches.

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The tip left some fellow posters questioning why it wasn’t brought to their attention sooner. User keith_shannon commented: “Wow… That’s actually useful information. I literally just had a game where we died getting back to the ring,” before explaining how the punching would have helped.

Another, DragonBurst, had a less thankful post – instead, pointing out their own failures when trying to pull off the punching hint. “I usually try to do this, but my punches don’t connect, so I just look like an idiot,” they said.

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Of course, if you don’t want to end up wasting your time, don’t try and punch your partner all the way from The Pit to Water Treatment as that simply won’t work.

Yet, you can absolutely make it work at short distances – just make you’re not swinging at fresh air or coming under fire from a flanking player.

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