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Artist’s jaw-dropping Apex Legends skin concepts are the best so far

Published: 26/Jan/2020 13:29

by Andy Williams


Game character illustrator, ‘WolfdawgArt,’ has a collection of Apex Legends skin concepts with incredible attention to detail.

Cosmetics are an integral component to Apex Legends. Given Respawn’s efforts to continually expand their already diverse roster of characters (most recently with the upcoming addition of Forge as part of Season 4), fans everywhere put their own stamp on their Legend through unique skins.  


Whether it be saving up enough Crafting Metals to redeem a coveted skin or purchasing limited-time skins via LTMs, fans have the option to sport a rig unique to their taste.

Apex Legends characters.
Each Legend has plenty of skin customization options.

Here are a few concepts from WolfdawgArt which wouldn’t look out of place in Apex Legends during Season 4. 


Wolf Hound (Bloodhound)

Inspired by a werewolf theme, Wolfdawg has created a skin that lives up to their namesake. Bloodhound’s grizzly attire pays attention to detail — with their trademark Raven even receiving a wolf-like mask.

The skin was lapped up by the Apex Legends’ community, having received over 18k upvotes in less than 24 hours on the Apex Legends subreddit.

ACE Pathfinder

Another concept posted to the dedicated subreddit, the artist has designed a World War 1 inspired Pathfinder skin, with two variations. 


In terms of the catalyst for their take on the wholesome MRVN, the creator stated in a post: “One overall concept with two color variations based on the WW1 Planes the Sopwith Camel and the Fokker.”

White Knight Gibraltar

Given Gibraltar’s recent spree of buffs, a full suit of armor is ironically fitting for a character who is deemed to be overpowered within the current meta. 

Equipped with their energy shield, the green and grey take on the Shielded Fortress is akin to ‘The Mountain’ from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. 


Anubis Wraith

The Apex Games’ very own Interdimensional Skirmisher has received a makeover that resembles the Egyptian god, Anubis. 

Staying true to Wraith’s mysterious lore, the overhaul keeps in-line with her past while providing a dark twist. 


Pyrotechnic Bangalore

A pyrotechnic variation to Apex Legends’ very own Professional Soldier would give Bangalore a skin to compliment her explosive set of abilities. 

Complete with her hallmark skirt, this variation would be the only skin that conceals Bangalore’s smirk from view with a mask which aptly prepares her for battle.

Pyrotechnic Bangalore – Skin Concept from apexlegends

There is no denying that Wolfdawg has an unrivalled talent for creating incredible skin concepts that would fit right into the expansive Apex Legends universe. 

Who knows, perhaps Respawn will be taking note and we’ll see one of these ideas pop-up in a server at some point in the future.

Apex Legends

Shroud says Apex Legends is still the best BR despite one major issue

Published: 9/Oct/2020 12:32

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer and FPS extraordinaire Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has mastered any shooter that comes his way, but believes Apex Legends is still the best battle royale, despite having one key issue with it.

Throughout the game’s existence, shroud has frequently had an on/off relationship with it, at times clearly in love with it before falling back on other games to keep things fresh.


This is somewhat dissimilar to a lot of the top streamers, who will stick to one game almost permanently until something new comes out, as we’ve seen with the likes of Fortnite and Warzone.

As more of a variety streamer, shroud likes to share the love, but has now returned to the Apex grind once again.

Caustic Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Aftermarket brought a number of changes to Apex Legends including a new LTM, Caustic heirloom, Legend balancing, and more.

During an October 8 Twitch stream, shroud was asked if he’s enjoying grinding Respawn’s battle royale once again — and he clearly was.

“Apex is, by far, still the best BR,” he said, clearly not even entertaining the idea that there’s any better on the market. That’s not to say he thinks it’s perfect though, and did mention what his main gripe with the game was.

“I don’t want to ruin their work or anything, but people expect updates faster, and they don’t deliver it that quickly. But Apex is still the best BR, regardless of their speed of content.”


Shroud also goes on to mention that he’s really enjoying the new Flashpoint LTM, which sees healing items removed in favor of healing “zones,” where you can go to regen both health and shields.

Clearly, shroud is loving life on Apex once again since the start of the Aftermarket event, and if updates came a little quicker we could maybe see the former CS pro make it his main game on a more permanent basis.