Apex Legends Season 16 map rotation changes explained

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Apex Legends is changing up the way map rotation works in Season 16 works, particularly in Ranked. Here’s a full breakdown of the new changes to the map rotation in Revelry.

Apex Legends Season 16 brought some massive changes to the battle royale, such as an overhaul to the way Legend classes work as well as an all-new Team Deathmatch mode.

Additionally, developer Respawn Entertainment also made quite a few minor changes to various aspects of the game, like Legend buffs and nerfs alongside some noteworthy changes to the maps in Season 16’s rotation.

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Not only that, Respawn has made quite a substantial change to the way maps Rotate for Ranked mode in Season 16. As such, here’s a breakdown of all the new map rotation changes in Apex Legends Season 16.

Apex Legends Season 16 Ranked map rotation changes

The biggest change to map rotation in Season 16 is the fact that Ranked maps now rotate once every 24 hours. Longtime fans will remember that Ranked maps only changed after the mid-season split in every prior season.

Now, players will no longer have to wait weeks to play on new maps in Ranked mode and instead just have to wait until the following day.

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Storm Point ApexRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point makes a return in Apex Legends Season 16.

Additionally, Ranked now offers three maps instead of two, as the previous Ranked format only swapped maps once during the Ranked Split.

These changes offer up plenty more variety when it comes to playing Ranked. However, those looking to raise their rank in Season 16 now need to be familiar with three maps that change frequently, as opposed to simply learning one map that would stick around for weeks at a time.

Apex Legend Season 16 map rotation

Finally, those playing Season 16 will see three maps on the rotation this time around: Storm Point, Broken Moon, and World’s Edge.

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These maps are the same for both public matches and Ranked modes. The only difference being that public match maps still rotate roughly every hour, while Ranked changes every 24 hours as mentioned above.

Worlds Edge Lava SiphonRespawn Entertainment
World’s Edge also returns again in Apex Legends Season 16.

And that’s everything Apex Legends fans need to know about the map changes made in Season 16. For more Apex Legends guides, check out the articles listed below:

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