Apex Legends Season 14 removes self-revive with Gold Knockdown & Backpack changes

Sourav Banik
an image of Golden Knockdown in Apex Legends

Self revive will not be a thing anymore in Apex Legends with the arrival of Season 14. Here’s how the Golden Knockdown shield and Gold Backpack will work in the new season.

Apex Legends will bring a ton of changes with the arrival of Season 14. This includes King’s Canyon changes, new legend, weapon changes, new attachments, and more. One of them is the removal of self-revival from the game.

After numerous complaints from the Apex Legends community, the devs have finally decided to remove self-revive completely from the game. Some of the golden equipment has been tweaked and will function in a different way from Season 14 onwards.

an image of Gold Backpack and Gold Knockdown in Apex Legends
Some gold equipment will be revamped in Apex Legends Season 14.

Gold Knockdown Shield and Gold Backpack have new purpose

Here’s a rundown of every change coming to the gold equipment in-game with Season 14:

Gold Knockdown Shield

From Season 14, players will not have the option to sneak out of a fight and self-revive themselves. This ability will be completely removed from Apex Legends. Instead, the devs will replace this ability with the “Guardian Angel” perk – previously on the Gold Backpack.

The Guardian Angel perk grants some bonus health and armor upon revival. As soon as Season 14 drops, this perk will shift to the revamped Gold Knockdown Shield.

This means the Gold Backpack will not have this perk anymore. If you want to get revived to half health and armor, the Gold Knockdown will serve that purpose.

Gold Backpack

The Gold Backpack will have a new perk equipped called “Deep Pockets” from Season 14. It will allow you to stack more medical items in your inventory, much like how Fuse can carry more ordnances.

If you manage to find a Gold Backpack in-game, you will be able to carry three med kits or shield batteries in a stack, and two phoenix kits. This perk will be helpful for supporting players to stack up multiple shield batteries, aiding in survival for a longer period towards the endgame.

These changes will bring some significant changes to the gameplay style in Apex Legends Season 14. The new season will arrive on August 9, 2022, and will likely last for 12 weeks, as with most Apex seasons. Of course, this is subject to change..

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