Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 1 – Rankings, stats, and damage

Paul Cot

Apex Legends season 1 is now underway. The weapon meta is ever evolving and here is the season 1 weapon tier list.

Weapon balance is key in battle royale games such as Apex Legends. It is important that all, if not the majority of weapons have a place in the game.

Previously overpowered weapons have received nerfs whereas weapons that were largely ignored before have received buffs. This is other than the Mozambique shotgun of course!

Apex Legends weapons chart – ammo, mag size, damage to body/head and more…

‘S’ Tier

The best of the best weapons. Invariably, if you see one of these pick it up!


The Spitfire is considered one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. It’s a light machine gun that doesn’t really behave like one, at least in terms of recoil.

Furthermore, its 35 bullet magazine with 20 damage per shot produces a huge damage output. Without attachments, it’s a fairly accurate, powerful gun. With attachments, it becomes unstoppable.

apexdata.ggSpitfire LMG stats in Apex Legends…


The Mastiff is a legendary shotgun and based on its immense power, rightfully so. Its accuracy and power even put Modern Warfare 2’s SPAS12 to shame.

The weapon can even be hip-fired from a good 20 or 30 meters to get between 150 and 200 damage to the head. Suffice it to say if you get the opportunity to pick one up, do it.

apexdata.ggMastiff shotgun stats in Apex Legends..

R-301 Carbine

Apex Legends’ premium assault rifle is the R-301 Carbine. It is arguably the best all round weapon in the game.

It doesn’t need attachments to be effective and uses light ammo, the easiest ammo to find and carry.

The recoil is minimal without attachments and only improves when you do find them. Each shot does a respective 14 and 28 damage to the body and head.

apexdata.ggR-301 assault rifle stats in Apex Legends…

‘A’ Tier


The Wingman is a hotly debated gun in Apex Legends. Some believe it is worthy of S Tier status, whereas others won’t even pick it up.

It has received numerous nerfs since Apex Legends released back in February, which has understandably lessened its appeal. However, it is still one of the best weapons on the game for those have the accuracy to make the most of it.

45 body damage and 90 to the head means it packs a punch. The most recent nerf on March 18 though, did reduce its rate of fire.

apexdata.ggWingman pistol stats in Apex Legends…


Only available in a supply drop, the Kraber has huge damage capability. It’s so powerful many will argue it should be in the S Tier.

With that said, in a game as fast paced as Apex Legends, it doesn’t really suit what snipers bring to the table. If you’re not accurate with it, then the Kraber actually becomes ineffective.

Nevertheless, if you do hit your shots then 125 damage to the body and an unstoppable 250 to the head, will result in kills.

apexdata.ggKraber sniper stats in Apex Legends…


Not many would argue that the R-99 is the best sub-machine gun in Apex Legends. Its slightly increased recoil puts it in the A Tier as opposed to the more stable R-301 Carbine.

While a good gun, especially in close quarters combat due to its fire rate, there are more powerful, effective alternatives.

apexdata.ggR-99 SMG stats in Apex Legends…


Shotguns are generally an effective weapon type in Apex Legends. The Peacekeeper is one of the best weapons to pick up, especially at the beginning of the game.

There is somewhat of a debate as to which is the better gun between the EVA-8 and the Peacekeeper. The latter is undoubtedly more powerful, while the EVA-8 offers increased fire rate.

The preferred choice between the two often comes to play style and is therefore a preference decision.

apexdata.ggPeacekeeper shotgun stats in Apex Legends…

Hemlock Burst AR

The Hemlock is another weapon that divides opinion. Some find it effective, while others don’t use it unless they have to.

Naturally the burst provides some effectiveness close range and the almost non-existent recoil means it is viable at long range also.

It utilizes heavy ammo which can of course be thirsty and it’s 18 magazine size provides 18 and 36 damage to the body and head.

apexdata.ggHemlock Burst assault rifle stats in Apex Legends…

‘B’ Tier


The Havoc was introduced to Apex Legends two weeks after its initial release on February 4. It uses energy ammo which is generally considered a downside to the weapon.

While it does offer a decent magazine size of 25, it’s damage and accuracy mean it falls in the B tier category.

apexdata.ggHavoc assault rifle stats in Apex Legends…

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout, while in the same tier as the Longbow, is generally considered a more versatile, better weapon. This is because of its increased fire rate which makes it more effective in the event of a close-range battle.

At distance it has the downside of needing to hit more shots but that’s just a compromise on being able to spam more shots.

apexdata.ggG7 Scout sniper stats in Apex Legends…


As is the case with many of the weapons on this list, some may disagree with the Longbow’s place in the B tier. However, without a scope it doesn’t really have a place in the game.

At distance, it’s a gun absolutely worth having, especially with the hop-up attachment that provides additional headshot damage.

The G7 Scout is arguably a better alternative.

apexdata.ggLongbow sniper stats in Apex Legends…


This sniper is generally considered the poorest on Apex Legends. While the damage is greater than that of fellow snipers Longbow and G7 Scout, its three shot makes it harder to take down enemies at range, albeit easier to hit.

There is an attachment which turns the three shots into one shot which naturally improves for its intended purpose of being a sniper rifle. Elsewhere, it usage of energy ammo isn’t ideal.

apexdata.ggTriple Take sniper stats in Apex Legends…


The Prowler SMG is heavily dependent on the hop-up attachment. It is unique in that it has a five bullet burst. Naturally this isn’t helpful at anything above medium-range. Short range though, especially with the hop-up it becomes excellent.

This is why some would argue its an A tier weapon. We have put it in the B category because it isn’t versatile and does drink the slightly harder to find heavy ammo.

apexdata.ggProwler SMG stats in Apex Legends…

‘C’ Tier


While not a bad gun, it just simply isn’t as good as its alternatives. It’s damage isn’t terrible, but it won’t compete against the better guns.

The alternator is just a basic SMG.

apexdata.ggAlternator SMG stats in Apex Legends…

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 is very similar to the Alternator, despite being a pistol. It doesn’t quite provide the same damage but many prefer to use it anyway. Obviously not a gun that’s going to provide benefit in the late game.

apexdata.ggRE-45 pistol stats in Apex Legends…

VK-47 Flatine

Some Apex Legends players are happy to use the Flatline, others avoid it. At range it isn’t particularly effective and there’s recoil to deal with at shorter distances.

apexdata.ggVK-47 Flatine assault rifle stats in Apex Legends…


The Mozambique shotgun might be the most infamous gun in Apex Legends, but not for the right reasons. Many have yet to find a reason to pick it up other than to challenge themselves.

It is an undoubtedly frustrating weapon where it does do enough damage to win gun fights. However, its three bullet magazine often needs you to reload before being able to finalize the kill.

apexdata.ggMozambique shotgun stats in Apex Legends…


Every game has to have that supposed worst gun on the game, and in Apex Legends that is the P2020.

It is your bulk standard pistol which is only beneficial when you have nothing else to use.

apexdata.ggP2020 pistol stats in Apex Legends…

L-Star EMG

The L-Star EMG is an unreleased gun expected to come to Apex Legends in March.

It’s damage and fire rate statistics suggest it will be a beast. With that said, we can only assume there will be a big downside to counteract its appeared power.

The guns in these tiers can be interchangeable to a degree simply based on opinion and play style.