Apex Legends revive concepts could bring new strategies to World’s Edge

Apex Legends Lifeline revive shieldRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community has banded together to think of new concepts that change the revive mechanic in-game, giving each character their own special means of getting allies back on the battlefield.

When a teammate is downed in Apex Legends, there’s only so much that players can do to help get them back in the fight. Bangalore can drop her smoke and rush to begin a revive while Gibraltar can deploy his Dome of Protection over a downed player to give a bit more cover, for instance. 

While these are certainly handy functions in the heat of the moment, only Lifeline has an ability that specifically alters the way in which her revive functions. However, a fascinating set of Apex Legends concepts aims to bring new revive-based mechanics to each character in order to spice up the feature for everyone on the battle royale roster.

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Apex Legends characters looking to reviveRespawn Entertainment
Could you picture Bloodhound with his own unique revive ability?

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When reviving a fallen teammate, Lifeline’s Combat Medic ability is automatically triggered and projects a shield directly in front. Immediately disappearing upon completion of the revive, this is currently the only specific mechanic in all of Apex Legends that directly alters the function.

Looking to offset that and establish a new status quo where potentially every Legend could come with their own revive-central ability, Reddit user ‘General_fcf’ put forth a number of unique concepts that could spice up the flow of the shooter.

Playing into the theme of each character, they proposed that Octane for example, should be able to revive teammates “with his stim” and subsequently give them a “four-second sprint” once they make it back to their feet. This could give wounded players a chance to quickly dash out of a heated combat zone and find some shelter to heal up.

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Additionally, they suggested that Wattson’s damaging electricity could be reversed in order to heal allies instead. Shocking friendly Legends back to life, they could enter the fight once again with a “four-second overshield of 30HP” before disappearing. 

While they expressed that all “Legends should have their own unique revive,” the final idea requested that Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone actually revive players with a special syringe.

The trade-off would obviously be that the drone could only travel a short distance, but it could serve as the very first deployable revive in the game.

Chiming in throughout the responses to the post, the Apex Legends community offered even more suggestions to buff each character with their own unique revives. The ever-whimsical Mirage could deploy “two decoys” that “assist in reviving so it’s more confusing which one is the real you,” Reddit user ‘Deni-Demolish’ offered.

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While these suggestions remain purely conceptual for the time being, they certainly have the backing of the Apex community. Having to consider which enemy revive function could provide a new challenge, and would offer a whole new perspective on the game.

With year two and season four of Apex Legends right around the corner, perhaps a number of revive-specific additions are indeed on the way to spice up the game.