Revenant mains want Legendary Apex Legends skin so much they made one themselves

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An Apex Legends fan’s amazing Legendary skin concept has players wanting a Jester-inspired outfit for Revenant.

Like his counterparts, Revenant has received many Legendary cosmetics for players to unlock in Apex Legends.

A number of these skins have proven relatively simple in terms of design, mostly modifying the Offensive character’s classic color scheme.

The No Chill skin that debuted earlier this year is the perfect example of this, its black and grey design masking subtler changes like the addition of a winter coat.

Apex Legends’ creative-minded players have more fanciful ideas in mind for how best to dress the Synthetic Nightmare.

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Jester outfit would make the perfect Legendary skin for Revenant

Artist and Reddit user MoberRPG designed a Revenant skin concept that has some fans hoping the character will one day receive a clown-like design.

The artist specifically created a court jester-esque cosmetic, “Deadly Joke,” complete with a cap and bells hat and elongated jester shoes.

Revenant’s typically red color scheme flows throughout the design, accented by black, white, and yellow. It’s quite an inventive look.

Many Reddit users in the comments compared the fan’s Revenant Legendary skin design to League of Legends’ Demon Jester, Shaco. It doesn’t mean they were any less impressed, though.

One person called it a “great concept,” saying how neat it would be to see the mouths on the outfit’s arms open when Revenant uses his Silence ability.

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“I’d say this is pretty possible if they do those matching skin sets again. Octane has almost this exact skin,” another Apex fan chimed in.

And someone else added that though Revenant with a mouth is an unsettling sight, the overall concept still warrants applause.