Apex Legends pros start #ChangeApexRanked trend to fix “outdated” Ranked Play

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends ranked logo on Olympus

Apex Legends pro players are once again asking for Respawn to address the current Ranked system as some believe it is “outdated” and in need of a major overhaul – and it’s even got the devs’ attention. 

While most Apex Legends players opt to stick with the casual battle royale mode and Arenas, those who really want to make their mark on the game head over to Ranked Leagues.

Ranked pits the best against the best with only a select few rising to the very top and being able to claim that they are the very best in the world.

However, pro players have long wanted changes to the mode to reward team play over individual moments of brilliance in the hopes of really taking it to the next level.

Respawn Entertainment
Ranked lets the best take on the best, but it has it’s issues.

Previous calls have been somewhat ignored by Respawn but Cloud9’s Jamison ‘PVPX‘ Moore has kickstarted another #ChangeApexRanked movement and has a few ideas that could easily be implemented.

Mostly, PVPX’s suggestions center around bringing Team Kill Points so that the whole team benefits and it also doesn’t punish those who prioritize making it to the late game rather than flashy plays. The idea would also eliminate the current assists and kills multiplier that has been a bug bear for many players.

“This system will be better for people who Solo Q & people who group up,” the Cloud9 star said. “Better for micro & macro decision making. Also ties into a format similar to ALGS which is the next level of competitive Apex play.”

The ideas got plenty of support from fellow players too who agree with making Ranked more about team play rather than just a random trio joining together and attempting to one-up each other on kills.

They also came to the attention of Respawn’s Josh Medina who questioned if this was related to the #SaveApexRanked movement that had been started previously or something totally new. “Whichever answer gives it more importance. The current ranked system is extremely outdated,” replied PVPX.

As noted, previous calls for changes have fallen somewhat on dead ears, but it is something that has community support.

We’ll have to wait and see if it’s different this time around or if Respawn actually jump to make the requested changes alongside the ideas they already have.