Apex Legends dev reveals potential Ranked changes coming in the future

Connor Bennett
Apex legends ranked logo on olympus

An Apex Legends dev has lifted the lid on some potential changes that could be coming to Ranked play, as well as touching on just how they’re trying to keep hackers away from genuine matches.

While most Apex Legends players stick to normal battle royale mode, there are plenty of others who want to test their skills against the best and rise up the ranks of the different in-game leaderboards.

That’s where Ranked mode comes into play. Players can put their Ranked Points on the line in a bid to move up the ranks, with the hopes of one day becoming an Apex Predator.

However, the mode isn’t entirely perfect. Players have called for different changes to Ranked Points, legend balancing, and even potentially paying cash to keep hackers out of the mode.

Apex Legends season 8 ranked mode
Respawn Entertainment
Ranked Mode is one of Apex Legends’ best features, popular with competitive players and casuals.

Well, Respawn’s John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson has lifted the lid on a few potential changes that could be made to the mode, touching on how they’ve listened to fan suggestions for certain things, but aren’t quite sure of them.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, the Apex dev suggested that increasing the level requirement for Ranked is one of the more “feasible” options out there, but there is a flip side, given that you might lock people out who’ve only just hit the current level requirement.

On the topic of adding two-factor authentication to keep hackers out, JayBiebs was a bit dismissive of that being the solution. “From what I’ve heard, I don’t think two-factor authentication works quite as well as some may believe it to, because you can always spoof,” he said, but noted there is action being taken on cleaning up ranked.

Another highly-requested addition surrounds decay on RP for inactive players, so they can’t shoot to the top and then hog the spots while not playing. “Can’t make any promises, but it is something we’re aware of and looking into,” the dev said.

On top of that, players have also asked for a map rotation that mimics that of the normal mode. Larson noted that it is something that Respawn has considered but it has its drawbacks too, especially surrounding RP farming.

Changes could be in the offing for the Ranked mode in the future, but we’ll just have to wait and see.