#SaveApexRanked trends on Twitter as top players call for changes

Respawn Entertainment

A ton of Apex Legends streamers and players are calling on Respawn to do something to stop the battle royale’s ranked mode from “spiraling out of control” from cheaters by getting #SaveApexRanked trending.

One of the biggest issues for Apex players of all sorts over the last few months has been what seems like the constant presence of cheaters and DDoSers in matches.

If you’ve played the battle royale even semi-regularly over the last few months you’ve probably noticed one or two players who seem to have invested in a brand-new gaming chair recently, matches ending unexpectedly, or a nice frustrating mixture of both.

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The same day Respawn said they were looking at various options to improve their methods of detecting and banning cheaters, Sweet, an Apex Twitch streamer and NRG pro, put out a Twitlonger on June 28 that basically summarizes the communities problems with how devs are handling, or not handling cheaters.

An open letter to Apex Legends developers

In the post, Sweet said he and other Apex content creators came up with the #SaveApexRanked hashtag because they could no longer sit by and watch “the game spiral further out of control.”

“Ranked is the backbone of apex and we can’t take it much longer,” the NRG pro wrote. “We have been offered empty promises of focus on the issue, which from a results standpoint have been complete lies.”

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The problem isn’t just cheating in games, but also DDoS attacks against Apex’s servers when one of the cheaters does get knocked out.

“This issue is not only a NA/EU one, which all times of day you can almost 100% get a cheater in your lobby who even IF killed, will IMMEDIATELY DDOS the server and take it down so nobody can continue to play, and you then queue into the next game with them again,” Sweet explained. “There are entire regions who are unable to play the game due to this, it’s sad. I sparingly use the word pathetic, but in this case it really has been pathetic to watch cheaters all but control the ranked ladder for the better part of 7 months.”

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#SaveApexRanked starts trending

It didn’t take long at all for the hashtag Sweet included with his Twitlonger, #SaveApexRanked, to start trending on Twitter with players and influencers alike tweeting out the tag.

Like we mentioned, this all comes the same day as Respawn detailed how they were “pursuing several options” to fix this very issue, but whether or not they’ll respond to this latest push from the community remains to be seen.

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