Apex Legends pro HisWattson worried it will “end up like Titanfall” amid rampant cheating

HisWattson competing next to CatalystRespawn / ALGS

Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has expressed concern that the BR could “end up like Titanfall” amid more cheating problems in the ongoing Season 15.

HisWattson has forged a reputation as one of Apex Legends’ most talented players, recently moving out of his trailer as a result of his breakout year on Twitch.

Viewers of his Twitch streams will be well accustomed to his honesty, never one to shy away from offering a negative opinion if he believes it’s apt. This approach has even seen him recently banned from ALGS competition after criticizing Respawn developers.

However, on November 15, the FURIA pro revealed more concerns about the battle royale in its fifteenth season, saying it could “end up like Titanfall” if issues like cheating are not solved promptly.

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HisWattson worried Apex Legends will “end up like Titanfall” due to cheating

Responding to a tweet from a fellow player who was eliminated by a cheater, McMillin said: “I’m convinced this game doesn’t have any security at this point. Cheaters are allowed to do whatever they want. Ranked just becomes more like arenas every split (completely ignored). People who play ranked at the highest level are thrown aside”.

While cheating has existed in past seasons, there have been multiple reports from players that it is especially prevalent in Season 15. We recently saw Xbox Predators accused of DDoSing lobbies in order to secure extra wins.

In a second tweet, HisWattson expressed concern that Apex would go the same direction as Respawn’s previous title Titanfall if the problems are not clamped down on soon.

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“Apex is so f**king good I just don’t want to see it end up like Titanfall,” he said.

He is not the first prominent community member to criticize Season 15 and Respawn’s handling of it. TSM’s ImperialHal recently called on the devs to “accept the issues” to save Apex Legends in Season 15.

We did see the November 14 patch solve a couple of the game’s most egregious issues – like an invasive freezing bug – but HisWattson clearly wants to see more done to tackle cheating specifically.