Apex Legends pro HisWattson hit with ALGS ban over Respawn beef

HisWattson at ALGSALGS

Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has revealed that he’s banned from playing in the first week of ALGS for Season 15 after he took some shots at Respawn devs. 

Over the last few months, HisWattson has been thrust into the spotlight of the Apex Legends community as he’s grinded to become one of the top-ranked players in the world – even taking the top spot at times.

Though, his rise hasn’t been without some controversy. The FURIA star has, at times, locked horns with Respawn Entertainment developers, and he’s regularly taken shots at Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford and the Apex security team regarding cheaters. 

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Back in September, DMs from HisWattson to a notorious Apex hacker surfaced on Twitter, with the FURIA pro asking for help to address the attacks on his games. When pointed in the direction of Hideouts, the Apex star stated that he “hates” the dev and wanted to “clown” him

HisWattson reveals temporary ban from ALGS play

Following that, McMillin claimed that he had been “blacklisted” by EA from competing in certain tournaments, but he’s now also been hit with a temporary suspension from ALGS play. 

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The FURIA pro revealed the news at the conclusion of his November 6 stream, when he shocked with fans with the news that they wouldn’t see him in competitive play for a week. 

“I got banned for a week. I will be playing week 2! Why did I get banned? Because I made a tweet where I was talking bad about a company and I got banned,” the streamer said. “Anyways, I can play week 2, just can’t play week 1.”

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The second round of ALGS play for FURIA, who are in Pool B, starts on November 13th so it won’t be long before HisWattso is back on the sticks with his teammates. 

They’ve already managed to pick up a handful of points in his absence, so they’ll have something to build on in his return.