Apex Legends Xbox Predator players caught DDoSing lobbies in Ranked

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A set of top 20 Apex Legends Xbox Predator players have been caught DDoSing in Ranked to farm LP and climb the ladder unfairly.

Although many Apex Legends players are satisfied with taking down opponents casually in pubs, others prefer a more competitive environment against foes of a similar skill level.

That’s exactly why Ranked exists, allowing players to garner LP and climb the ladder based on their in-game performances.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to put in the hard work to beat their opponents fairly and instead use third-party software to cheat. While this most commonly comes in the form of an aimbot, another method is DDoSing the servers, making it impossible for opponents to fight back.

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Well, a set of top 20 Xbox Predators have been caught red-handed crashing lobbies and the community wants Respawn to hand out permanent bans to all of them.

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Cheaters are becoming a huge problem in the higher-tier ranks of Apex Legends.

Top Xbox Predator players caught DDoSing in Ranked

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Creative_Series5860 has accused a set of top Ranked Xbox Predators of DDoSing their match.

The competitors in question are I Am Joeson, MX7 Laya, and A7y2, who in the clip can be seen racking up kills on players who are unable to fight back.

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As you can see when a lobby is DDoSed even performing simple movements is extremely difficult, and enemies standing in front of you are seemingly immune to bullets.

According to Creative_Series5860, A7y2 was an infamous DDoSer last season who reached top Predator and has now returned on an account called APEXGHOSTING.

Providing even more evidence on Twitter, Creative_Series5860 shows the enemies’ perspective after they’ve been eliminated from the match.

All of the accused players are seemingly unaffected by any lag, so that rules out the potential to blame the crashes on server issues.

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As expected, these clips have caused a lot of frustration in the Apex community and left players complaining that “Respawn takes way too long to ban these kind of cheaters”.

With competitors saying high-ranked is in the “worst state it’s ever been”, it’s obvious players feel as if the integrity of Ranked is being lost as so many cheaters are lingering at the top.

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