Apex Legends pro grinds from Rookie to Predator in single Twitch stream

Carver Fisher
Apex Legends rookie to pred

After a 37 hour long stream, Australian Apex Legends pro player Wxltzy managed to grind from Rookie to Predator. And he did it playing on over 150 ping.

iiTzTimmy has managed to do multiple bronze to max rank runs so far in his twitch career, accomplishing this feat in both Valorant and Apex Legends.

These feats inspired OCE pro Ben ‘Wxltzy’ Walton to do the same. And, after almost two days of streaming, Wxltzy locked in a time of 37 hours and 13 minutes to get from Rookie to Predator.

His Rookie to Predator run was fraught with server issues and long queue times, but he persevered and managed to finish the run on a high note.

According to Jake Lucky, he had a conversation with Wxltzy about this feat where it was revealed that there was more to this challenge than just grinding out ranks.

When getting into higher ranks, queue times in OCE started getting hilariously long. If you exclude the almost 5 hours worth of time he spent waiting in queue, Wxlty’s time would be around 32 hours.

The fact that Wxltzy pulled this off while playing on almost 200 ping just adds to this incredible feat.

Wxltzy proved just how good he is back in the ALGS, where he and two other teammates on Team Burger made it to the Grand Finals without having an official esports org sponsoring them.

This OCE pro is doing everything he can to make a name for himself in one of esports’ smallest regions, and Wxltzy’s making a great case for just how good a player he is.

It’s worth mentioning that the ranked system has changed since Timmy’s attempt, and kills and assists no longer have diminishing returns on RP once you rack up enough kill participation.

With Wxltzy setting an official time of 37 hours and 13 minutes with the slightly changed Season 14 ranked system, the stage is open for someone to try and beat this incredible record.

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