Apex Legends pro HisWattson reaches Predator rank without ever using armor

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Professional Apex Legends player HisWattson successfully ran a Solo Queue from Rookie to Apex Predator rank without donning any armor.

As many Apex Legends veterans can attest, Solo Queuing in Ranked requires an abundance of skill. The likes of Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin have seemingly discerned the best path forward, however.

It wasn’t even a month ago that HisWattson climbed from Bronze to Masters without using tools such as Armor, Back, Helmet, or a Knockdown shield.

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The player’s latest success story in Ranked warrants praise, too, especially when considering the time and effort that went into the feat.

HisWattson reaches Apex Legends’ highest rank without armor

HisWattson has once more accomplished the impossible, this time Solo Queuing from Rookie to Apex Predator across 182 games without ever putting on armor.

The popular streamer shared the details in a brief Twitter thread, noting that all of the 180-plus games were streamed live.

HisWattson plans to upload a 30 to 40-minute “highlight/story video” in the weeks ahead, which will condense the 48 hours of gaming into more digestible content.

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Of course, HisWattson’s fellow Apex Legends players are nothing short of impressed by his incredible climb up the ranks.

Some, however, believe this serves as further proof that Ranked is fundamentally “broken.” One person replied to HisWattson’s post with, “Good ranked system for sure.”

Another user tweeted “This isn’t a good look” at the PlayApex account. Someone else chimed in by arguing that “this action confirms that [Apex Legends’] ranked system is broken.”

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The merits of the Ranked system in Apex have long been a topic of discussion, with the issue primarily stemming from concerns that low-level players often find themselves matched against those of a higher level. As such, it’s interesting to see how feats of this nature manage to divide the community.

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