10-year-old Apex Legends phenom squad wipes ImperialHal and NICKMERCS

Lilfredson Imperial Hal competing in Apex LegendsLilfredson / ALGS

Apex Legends’ youngest Predator Lifredson, was shown on stream eliminating ImperialHal’s whole squad, which also included NICKMERCS and pro player Deeds.

The 10-year-old first hit the spotlight when he became the youngest player of all time to reach the top rank of Predator in Apex Legends’ Ranked mode.

Lilfredson has since teamed up with Apex’s biggest name ImperialHal, where they joined forces in July and dominated Ranked lobbies on stream.

This time, the rising star ended up facing ImperialHal in the battle royale and his stacked team that included NICKMERKS and pro player Deeds – and he’s wowed the internet with his skills.

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Apex Legends youngest Predator eliminates ImperialHal

During a live stream, Lifredson was seen fighting against another squad of three in the competitive mode of Respawn’s popular title.

With the rest of his team being already wiped out, it was left up to the 10-year-old to clutch up a 1-vs-2 situation, where he quickly eliminated the two enemies.

“That was Deeds you just did that too,”  his friend points out, before realizing the young prodigy had also eliminated ALGS 2023 world champion ImperialHal and even NICKMERCS.

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Lilfred already has esports offers if he wants them. But right now him and his dad are just enjoying video games. I love it,” Jake Lucky, who shared the clip, revealed.

“I was eating glue at 10 years old (still am)… this kid is going places, that’s hella impressive,” FlexNinja, a popular Valorant creator replied.

“And to think I’ve had this kid play & win in one of our tournaments,” another said.

ImperialHal has been known as the CEO of in the Apex community, due to his dominant reign over the years while playing professionally for TSM’s esports team.

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While NICKMERCS is arguably more known for his streaming than competing, he and Deeds play as part of the Tripods trio, proving it was no easy feat for the young star.

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