Apex Legends pro HisWattson completes snipers-only Bronze to Master challenge

HisWattson Apex Legends Ranked challengeRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: HisWattson

Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has completed a Ranked challenge that involved him climbing from Bronze to Master only using snipers.

While a huge portion of the Apex Legends community plays Ranked, only a select few have the skills to reach Master and Predator.

Hitting these tiers requires impressive guns kill, top-tier game knowledge, and the ability to coordinate with your squad effectively.

Well, FURIA pro HisWattson certainly checks all of the boxes above, and consistently sits in Predator, even hitting rank one back in June 2022.

So, to make Ranked more of a challenge for himself, Wattson decided to attempt a solo queue climb from Bronze to Masters only using snipers, and he’s finally reached his goal.

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Season 16 of Apex Legends is scheduled to arrive in February.

HisWattson hits Master in Apex Legends using snipers only

Taking to Twitter on January 26, HisWattson revealed that he’d finished his Bronze to Masters solo queue challenge using only snipers.

Completing the achievement on a fresh account called Sniperman, Wattson reached a total level of 56 and accrued over 375 sniper kills.

Not only that, the sharpshooter managed to rack up 2,582 headshots and reached a total RP of 15,190.

This is extremely impressive, as any squads that decided to push him aggressively had a huge advantage over him at close quarters with ARs and SMGs.

Navigating endgame rings also required precise aim, as a missed shot with a sniper can spell instant death if a foe is using a CAR, R-301, or Flatline.

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Hopefully, Wattson sets another challenge for himself in the near future, as climbing to Predator with no restrictions is becoming far too easy for the FURIA pro.