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Post Malone reveals he loves Apex Legends but isn’t good

Published: 27/Jan/2022 10:51 Updated: 27/Jan/2022 12:14

by Alex Garton


American singer, songwriter, and rapper Post Malone has revealed that he loves playing Apex Legends but he still needs to work on his in-game skills.

It’s no secret that Apex Legends is one of the most popular FPS titles in the entire genre, with millions of players diving down into the Outlands every single day.

For a lot of the community, there’s nothing better than heading onto Apex after a busy day to wind down, and it’s no different for a lot of mainstream celebrities.

One of which is Post Malone, who revealed in a recent interview that Respawn’s battle royale is his main game of choice at the moment.


While Post did make it clear that he loves beaming down opponents on Apex, he wasn’t afraid to admit that his skills still need sharpening.

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Post Malone has over 22 million followers on Instagram.

Post Malone enjoys playing Apex in his spare time

When jumping into an Apex match, it’s hard to imagine that the enemy Wraith you just beamed down from a distance could be a celebrity, especially Post Malone.

However, the famous rapper revealed in a recent interview that he loves playing Apex in his spare time and that he’s always “trying to body everybody” when he’s online.

Unfortunately, he admitted that his attempts to dominate the Outlands don’t always go to plan with “16-year-old kids tea-bagging” him all the time.


It’d be interesting to know which Legend Post Malone mains in-game, as it would reveal a lot about his playstyle and approach when looking for a win.

However, another clip may have provided the answer as he can be seen showing off his Wingman skills in the Firing Range with Bloodhound.

Not only that, he appears to have a Pathfinder figurine next to his setup, so it’s possible he’s a fan of the Forward Scout.

As the interview clips were quickly posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, it wasn’t long before the community began to react to them, with lots of players expressing how they’d love to play a match with him.


“Imagine getting posty as your teammate someday man that’s gonna be a great time,” one user said, with another joking about being on the receiving of Post’s rifle in a match: “Imagine getting beamed by Post”.

Either way, it’s great to see that Post loves playing Apex and who knows, you may even get matched with him in a squad if you’re lucky.