Apex Legends players have a big problem with the game’s ‘No Fill’ option

The Apex Legends community slammed people who have the ‘Fill Teammates’ option selected when they have little intention of working with their squad, and it’s splitting the player base.

The ‘Fill Teammates’ toggle in Apex Legends lets players launch into a game without teammates or let the matchmaking system create their team. But in normal games, meaning those not in Ranked mode, people fly in with different purposes in mind.

Some people use pubs (public games) as a means to train, practice and perfect their gameplay, this could be as general as shooting mechanics or as specific as sniping. Others use pubs as a means to not be a sweat and simply have fun in Apex.

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There’s room in the game mode for both kinds of players, but there’s a big discrepancy from people who elect not to use it.

“When the devs add a ‘no fill’ mode specifically for the people who throw games to practice, and they still can’t be bothered to use it cause ‘it’s pubs lol!’” a Reddit post from ‘majds1’ read.

Threads like these took aim at players who hotdrop in Apex with ‘Fill Teammates’ option, probably die, then just quit out the game, leaving the other players on the squad at a disadvantage.

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A streamer that’s been a focus of the discourse who goes by ‘Inhuman’ responded to multiple threads on them after the conversation started to grow.

“If being a bad teammate is playing how you want to play, then yes I actively support it,” Inhuman said. “If you want to hotdrop 100 games in a row and die working on mechanics, no one is stopping you. It’s pubs.”

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Apex Legends’ ‘Fill Teammate’ option can be toggled to actually go into a match solo.

Since the game’s shock drop in Feb 2019, there’s been a difference in game etiquette between the casual players looking to have fun and streamers/pros who want to optimize their gameplay.

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The same can be said for most games as a service titles like Valorant, Warzone, League of Legends, Fortnite and more, since regular updates means constant push-and-pull between what players want.

But one thing’s clear, Apex Legends players have a big problem with the ‘No Fill’ option that is seldom used from those they think could benefit from it.

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