Twitch streamer Dellor loses it with Apex Legends ranked: “Worse than League”

Dellor, Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Dellor, who’s no stranger to losing his temper on stream, has once again had another rage-filled outburst due to Apex’s ranked mode. He argues Apex Legends solo experience is worse than League of Legends.

On August 22, we’ve been gifted with another glimpse of a hilarious rage moment from the dellor, as he not only lashed out at a viewer – commanding that they be banned after joking about his aim – but also lost it with the ranked experience in Apex.

In fact, he went as far as to say that Apex Legends solo queue is worse than League of Legends.

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Dellor streaming on TwitchTwitch: Dellor
Dellor was banned for smashing up his keyboard during a stream.

After missing almost all of his shots, a viewer joked, “nice shots”, which sent dellor over the edge, prompting a hysterical response.

“F**king garbage, f**king garbage, ban him permanently, you’re never f**king getting unbanned again you f**king piece of sh*t. You f**king piece of sh*t. Where the f**k is he? Mods ban him f**king permanently,” dellor exclaimed. Fortunately for the viewer, who happens to be a paid subscriber, he wasn’t actually banned.

While still as angry as a bull in a china shop, dellor continued after the match, “this game’s not enjoyable, it’s actually worse to solo queue this than League of Legends, if you can f**king possibly even fathom that. I thought it would never be possible. This is worse than solo queuing League of Legends, it’s f**king insane.”

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League of Legends solo queue is considered to be one of the most toxic among gaming communities, where you’ll usually encounter a troll almost every other game.

While the Apex Legends community sure does have its moments, some could consider Apex Legends a blissful experience compared to League of Legends.