Apex Legends players jealous as list of Mobile-exclusive Legends leaks

Respawn Entertainment

With Apex Legends Mobile’s roster seemingly having leaked online, some Apex players on PC and console are starting to get jealous of the number of mobile-exclusive Legends.

When Apex Legends Mobile released on May 17 earlier this year, some members of the Apex community were concerned over what exclusive content that version would get over the standard game.

With the release of the first mobile-exclusive Legend Fade, many players started worrying that the phone version of the beloved battle royale would branch out farther and farther away from the original title.

Now, players are voicing those fears again after a leak revealed six mobile-exclusive Legends coming alongside eight characters from the original Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends players jealous of Mobile-exclusive Legends

apex legends mobile fade shooting cameraRespawn Entertainment
Fade set a precedent as Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive Legend and it seems quite a few more are coming.

The post comes by way of the Apex Legends subreddit from a user called ‘RChacon09‘ who asked “Mo-Apex Legends is getting all these exclusive legends… why can’t we?”

The post shows an image of the leaked roster for Apex Legends Mobile, listing codenames for six mobile-exclusive Legends.

Fans knew the Legend codenamed DJ or ‘Rhapsody’ was coming to Apex Mobile, but the other five characters are brand new and some are not happy about them being exclusive.

“Hopefully in time they would come to the main game but there is a good chance it probably won’t happen. I definitely would hate to see a mobile-exclusive Legend that looks fun not coming over to [the] main Apex,” said user ‘acidporkbuns.’

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Not every player in the thread feels the same way, however as some fans think it makes sense that the mobile game has exclusive content.

“Well no one would play Mobile Apex if they didn’t have them,” said user ‘aircrag_J.’ While many disagreed with that sentiment, exclusive characters are certainly one of the factors that entice players to give Apex Mobile a shot.

This isn’t the first time PC and console players were jealous of Apex Legends Mobile content, as Loba recently got a long-requested ability in Mobile and not the main game.

It’s highly unlikely that Respawn will bring these leaked mobile-exclusive Legends over to Apex Legends, players can still expect more new characters to come in future seasons.

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